What to Wear for Yoga?

The fundamental principle to keep in mind regarding the most suitable clothes for practicing  yoga is that premium comfort. Any clothing that you choose should always be above anything comfortable. The clothes you view should allow you move freely, make investments, forward bends, backward, stay a few minutes relaxation, sit with crossed legs, lift your arms, bend your legs and everything else we do in yoga. Yoga is not governed under the principles of fashion, but under those of a philosophical tradition that interests you can carry out your practice in the best way possible. What is sought is to heal and revitalize the body, calm the mind and expand the spirit very different criteria that govern the world today.

What to Wear for Yoga?

As Yoga is an ancient discipline that has a spiritual background, it is very important to note that has a number of foundations that we must respect in our dress.

One of them is cleaning: yoga teaches us that internal and external cleaning are essential. Our body must be detoxified to be healthy and strong and our minds must be at least contaminated as possible from external stimuli, thoughts and negative energies. Our clothes should follow the same principles.

Taking care of our clothing is symbolically take care of ourselves, respect each other and treat each other with love and involves the principles of bhakti (devotion) and ahimsa (translated as nonviolence but extending love and compassion). It also gives a sublime to the practical character, because if we wear nice clothes in good condition and we are preparing symbolically to attune our spirit. We are reminding ourselves that this practice of yoga is a way to love and connect with something larger.

One of the ways of yoga is Bhakti yoga, which is devotion. You not have to have a religious nature but involves an attitude of dedication, commitment, gratitude and love. Some people give their practice a sacred character, so for example, wear white, choose certain colors or symbols include spiritual vibrations.

We must not forget that yoga is a meditative and profound practice. Even though we say it is desirable that the clothes are in good condition, this does not mean anything new or fashion, because simplicity is central to yoga. Unlike other areas where the body, which can be something working frivolous or pretentious, yoga is the opposite, a space where clothing must be functional and must honor practice with modesty and respect. Therefore, it is best to avoid ostentation. If you want, we can also give our clothes a little meaning.

It is important to note that we need not go out and buy anything to start practicing yoga and should dress in a special way to practice. Commercially sold a very beautiful, colorful, comfortable and beautiful designs clothes, it is true, but remember that this tradition we practice detachment from the material world, in this case, the avidity of owning things and consuming more. We also want to go beyond the ego, which is our sense of individuality, which is part of vanity. If yoga is practiced as it should be, everyone is focused on their own practice and not go to a class to show off, to compare, to see or be seen.

To summarize: Use clothing that allows you to move, that is comfortable and is in good condition. It is advisable to wear loose or soft and pliable like cotton and lycra clothing materials. The leggings , sweatpants, shorts stretch or even the shorts in the summer fulfill that function. The shirts can be loose or tight, sleeveless, long or short sleeve, anyway. In practice the barefoot yoga postures because we need a firm contact with the ground but in winter you can wear socks. Also at this time you can use several layers of thin clothing so you can fit you in at room temperature.

Note that as we do inverted poses, sometimes it is more comfortable than the shirt is adjusted so that you do not leave half naked and can disturb you or take your concentration. Some  traditional schools  recommend having bare knees or wearing clothing the body to better correct positions. Others ask that the clothing is loose, (especially in the spiritual centers or ashrams ) to avoid distractions among practitioners, but this will tell you later.

Yoga is a wonderful technique with physical and psychological benefits, but also meditative, spiritual and profound in its essence. It requires concentration and recollection of the senses, so everyone is immersed in his own practice, thinking of each posture, breathing, feeling the body and drawing attention inward. If there is a recommended way of dressing it is for the comfort of each, carrying out a safe practice, without distraction or restrictions, and to respect the spirit of harmony and practice. It should not be complicated.