Where to Buy Stylish Workout Clothes

With more than 30 years of experience supplying the Swedish brand Casall workout garments of the highest quality. The clothes are inspired by the fashion industry, with tough cuts and bright colors, but it is at the expense of functionality. Training clothes from Casall is designed to make you feel comfortable and be able to do your best during training.

Casall also focus on the ethical production of workout clothes, and works constantly to the environment or society will be damaged during the manufacturing process.

Be inspired and motivated by training clothes from Casall!

Casall AR2 series consists of technical compression garments with a simple, stylish design.

Where to Buy Stylish Workout Clothes

Two different AR2 materials used in garments to provide a compression which provides support to the muscles, so that you increase blood circulation and reduces muscle fatigue. In addition, the material has a shaping effect.

Perfect for running and högintensivs training.

HIT is short for high intensity training. The garments in the HIT series is developed specifically to provide maximum Functionality of the högintensivs training.

The compression material in HIT supports muscles and reduces muscle fatigue, in addition to having a shaping effect. The garments also have very good respiratory and moisture wicking properties so that you feel comfortable while you exercise.

An excellent choice for those who train högintensivs training, as circuit training, crossfit or other heavier salsträningar.

Sports Bra
A comfortable and supportive sports bra is alpha omega for a good training experience. How much support you need is determined both by the type of Yoga sports bra you wear and how big breasts you have.

Casall has taken on the task to produce good sports bras seriously. They have a wide selection, ranging from classic sports-tops to training with low to medium nutrient pollution as yoga and strength training – to sports bras with maximum support, including suits for running.

News of XXL-HIT fitness equipment Casall
order to challenge yourself even more during training has Casall developed a variety of products you can easily use at home, both inomuhs and out.  HIT series is great news for those who want a real challenge and inspiration in your training, whether you are physically fit or are training to become one. Prepare to do more than what you expected.  On XXL you can find Casall training gloves, jump rope, weight vest, exercise mat and more.