Which Sleeping Bag to Buy

The sleeping bag has always been a faithful companion of adventurous spirits: in camping, travelling on the road, climbing or trekking paths, this object is always present in your backpack. It is certainly one of the elements indispensable for those who stay surrounded by nature and can really make a difference in terms of rest: bring a sleeping bag with excellent quality, warm and comfortable allows you to rest comfortably and, then, to wake up with more energy and charge, ready for a new day of adventure through the wonders of nature. As with other camping goods, even the choice of sleeping bag is anything but simple when you consider the myriad of brands and models available on the market; disentangle the huge variety of fabrics, upholstery, shapes and prices may seem complicated species who are beginners and has to face his first experience in camping. For this I thought I’d help you choose preparing this tutorial, full of tips and useful information.

Which Sleeping Bag to Buy

What to consider

In particular there are three essential characteristics defined by Pimasleepingbags that must be considered when buying a sleeping bag:

  • The temperature.On each sleeping bag is designated the “comfort temperature” which is the lowest temperature until which a sleeping bag can guarantee a warm resting. As an example, if on a sleeping bag’s comfort temperature is indicated 20 degrees means that the product is suitable for temperatures that do not fall under the age of 20 degrees.
  • Weight and comfort. For those who travel on foot or by bike, it is important to find a sleeping bag that is not heavy and does not occupy much space, while for others the quality of sleep is more important than any other feature. Today thankfully the most innovative sleeping bags try to combine lightness and functionality.
  • Thermal insulation is given by the type of padding of the sleeping bag, which can be made of synthetic fiber or feathers. Each of these materials has its pros and cons which I will analyze later.

Camp Stretch Down 600

It guarantees maximum comfort and excellent thermal insulation. Is the ideal solution for those who must go camping in cold climates and its seams made with elastic thread make it more spacious inside.

This ensures double sleeping bag warm and comfortable. The softness and size allow you to rest comfortably in two; cotton flannel fabric is suitable even at low temperatures and at the same time provides excellent breathability.

Best Camp Mareeba

Is ideal for those who went camping in the summer or for those who went to a destination with a mild climate. It’s lightweight and takes up little space, in that very compressible, so it’s easy to carry for those traveling on foot, by bicycle or motorbike. If you open it completely becomes a duvet.

Temperature index

As mentioned above, on each sleeping bag is designated the “comfort temperature”, but this parameter is not totally reliable: first of all, everyone has their own comfort temperature and then many companies do not follow international standards, but they establish these indexes based on the research conducted internally.

But what has been scientifically proven is that women have a higher comfort temperature than men, which means that for example if a man can then sleep well at a temperature of 20 degrees, the ideal temperature for women will be 23/25 degrees.

At European level there are laws that should follow the manufacturers of sleeping bags: in particular standard EN 13537 stipulates that all companies must appear on the label the temperature thresholds established by a standard test, which is the same for all producers. That’s why some sleeping bags you will find 3 different temperatures: the ideal temperature, limit and extreme. The first indicates the woman’s comfort temperature, the second and the third man should not be taken into consideration because it indicates the extreme cases — the lowest outside temperature in which a woman can resist inside the sleeping bag for 6 hours without going into hypothermia.

In cases where you want to instead buy a sleeping bag for a company that does not comply with standard EN, vthe Council to stand on the side of the safe and choose a comfort temperature lower than what you’d find at your destination, and if you hot you can always open the zipper to circulate air or use the sleeping bag as a blanket.

It should be noted, however, that signs of comfort temperature obviously relate to normal people with a good state of health (children, the elderly or persons with a physical and health) and do not take into account other important factors, including:

  • The type of curtain.For example, if you sleep in a tent in two layers, which provides greater isolation of course the internal temperature will be higher than someone who sleeps in a tent lightweight and suitable for warm climates.
  • The mattress. The mattress favors the thermal insulation cold or snowy terrain especially stands out.
  • The metabolism and habits. Every body is different and everyone has different habits: there are those who cannot sleep well without blankets in winter, while the ‘chilly’ instead they sleep with blankets even in summer; This factor has to be taken carefully into consideration when choosing a sleeping bag.
  • The clothes. Logically wear warm clothes or light inside the sleeping bag in the temperature of the lot.
  • The hood. Some sleeping bags come with a hood, which helps to increase the thermal insulation.
  • Keep your body hydrated, especially in cold climates, it favours the rise in body temperature, so always remember to drink a lot to sleep better and maybe sipping a hot drink before bedtime.
  • Physical health status.