Why Wear a Sports Bra

Few know it, but the choice of sports underwear is as important as the choice of the equipment itself. Many invest in their clothes and shoes with incredible features, but unfortunately the choice of following very often escapes the vigilance.

Why Wear a Sports Bra

At Lemon Curve, we know the importance of quality underwear and especially suited for sports. Discover now all our advice to combine efficiency, practicality and comfort above all.

Why Wear a Special bra for Sports?

First, know that ladies must absolutely banish bras “normal” for your sports wardrobe. The chest is not with muscle, and in the effort, it is subject to considerable shocks by the positions we take, especially the sudden moves made or speed. Moreover, during exercise, it can weigh from 3 to 5 times heavier than during the rest phase. The breast can then be easily damaged, and if it is repeated shock, natural maintenance of the chest may be damaged and cause the accelerated aging. Thus, the basic bras do not provide enough support and protection to our chest, which then undergoes extremely large shocks. Thus, it must review its priorities and choose a new bra much more suitable, hence the importance of the sports bra , which will limit the movements up to 70%. More generally, the sports bra will give you several benefits:

  • It will ensure you a comfort avoiding rubbing through models with little or no seams.
  • Often designed in subjects antiperspirant techniques and anti-bacterial, it will let your body breathe while avoiding odors due to perspiration.
  • Sports models will not lose their ability to maintain and, unlike the classic lingerie, will not limit the movements of the chest (avoiding tensions on the ligaments that cause pain and even premature sagging breasts).

And lows in?

The choice of the low is less technical than the top one. Your choice will be foremost in our personal opinion: as below we usually bring, in the form in which we feel most comfortable, or as our clothes. So you would prefer the string and thong , the panties or the boxer, you have the choice! We still recommend Bestaah for sports bras without seams, which will prevent chafing and clothing brands, especially in breathable materials, which will feel more later at ease.

Think all the same to favor breathable materials to prevent intimate discomforts.

You will say, glamorous issue, we did better than the bra. Sure, but at the same time it’s not really what we ask! With these tips, you have all the cards in hand to move and feel your best at your sport sessions.Remember that underwear heavily involved in welfare, fundamental to the success of your athletic development.