Wiggins Says of This Year’s Tour de France

Road: due to an errant knee is the reigning Tour de France-winner Sir Bradley Wiggins had to refrain from defending his title.

Today confirms the Sky-boss Dave Braillsford to the reigning Tour de France-winner Sir Bradley Wiggins will not be on the starting line on Corsica on June 29 when the course starts. After 18 may have broken the Giro d’Italia with a lung infection, he has not been physically able to work out. A knee injury during the Giro was mentioned in passing, has now become the main problem. Team doctor recommends five days of complete rest and then a build-up in two to three weeks for normal training.

Bradley Wiggins says that it is obviously very disappointing to not be able to participate, both for their own benefit, but also to all the fans who are looking forward to see the British defend their victory. At the same time, he is also relieved to have made the decision and not have to worry about the damage and the rush against the clock.

This is of course very sad for cykelfans the Earth. That a defending champion is unable to defend its final victory in this year’s Edition is regrettable, but Bradley Wiggins will be back next year.

What this ultimately means is that Wiggins teammate Christopher Froome, runner-up at the TdF podium last year, very likely will be appointed as captain and be protected by their team. This is interesting since in the run-up to this year’s competition has brought some ambiguous messages from Wiggins and Froome where one has said that it is not obvious as to who will lead the Sky, and where the claims that he has a Sky-managers ‘ declaration that he will be the boss of the team.

Now, the decision is largely a formality for Dave Braillsford.