Will a Water Bottle Explode in the Freezer

You thought cool a bottle “quick, well done” by putting it in the freezer before opening it?

If you wait too long, it will probably exploded or changed shape if it is plastic.

And that’s why…

In general, the material more occupies more space as its temperature increases.

This increase in volume with temperature is called heat expansion: excited by the ambient heat, atoms move more and need more space.

But the water behaves in an unusual way…

By putting in the freezer a bottle at room temperature (~ 20 ° C), we force its temperature to drop.

So she’s going to go through the temperature of 4 ° C, where it occupies the minimum space possible.
Then its volume will increase a bit to 0 ° C.

But then… She turns to ice and “inflates” brutally!

If you get out your bottle when she went down to 4 ° C, all is well.

But if she approached 0 ° C, disaster! A very full glass bottle initially will have inevitably exploded. And if it was a water bottle made of BPA free plastic, with a bit of luck, its flexibility has been large enough that it deforms without cracking.

Is also the expansion of the water which explains that stones and roads is spoil every winter: water seeps there and break what surrounds him when the temperature drops.