Winter Weather and Designer Shoes

If the money bag is not quite as bulging, women rarely afford one or the other designer shoe for their shoes.The idea is obvious to want to spare him as much as possible and to attract him only on special occasions.He is not worn at all in dripping weather.

But this way of thinking is wrong.While Gucci’s high-quality boots or sports shoes spend their lives on the shelf, many pairs wear shoes of poorer quality that tolerate mud, snow and frost less well.Design shoes for the corresponding season are like all designer shoes made of high-quality materials.The upper, the inner life of the shoes and the soles are more durable than those of cheap shoes.The seams are hand sewn and extremely durable.The shoe climate inside is also significantly better thanks to a high-quality footbed.

The right care is important

Naturally, design shoes must also be carefully maintained.Especially in wet and cold weather the leather needs the right care.When design shoes had to go through mud, it was first to be roughly removed and other areas cleaned with water.Here, however, you should definitely look at the care instructions, because every material has its own characteristics.Wild leather is, for example, to be treated differently than smooth leather.The shoe shops in which the shoes were bought offer just the right products.Impregnation sprays, shoe creams, special brushes and rags, gels, waxes – here every shoe is the right care product.Design shoes are much more autumn and winter suits than expensive shoes.

When the shoes are soaked to the skin

Also well-impregnated shoes can be completely soaked, if a clearly firm snow layer is not so strong during thawing weather and hides a puddle under itself.The best seams are of no use when the water penetrates from above.Here the old trick helps with crumpled newspaper paper stuffed firmly into the shoes.The paper absorbs moisture.Afterwards, a designer shoe is just like new.As with other shoes, you can never put designer shoes on or in front of the heater.This causes the leather to dry out and become brittle and cracked.But also here, designer shoes are much more tolerated than usual cheaper shoes.

Snow, sand and salt

Since design shoes have soles made of high-quality material, soiled snow and small streaky sneaks do little to them.With proper preparatory treatment with the appropriate sprays or creams, the unsightly water and salt edges do not develop at all.If it has happened, however, the high-quality leather can be easily cleaned with suitable shoe brushes and lobes.A shoe tensioner, for example made of cedar wood, ensures that the shoe remains in shape even under severe stress, frequent temperature changes and constant change between wetness and dry heating air.Thus, timeless design shoes or boots can go beyond twenty uncomfortable seasons and still look classy.