With the Bike in the Backpack

Sounds like a bicycle complete to your back. That Yes, disassembled into different modules that fit the particular backpack. Their designers tell us that some are needed ten minutes to mount the and start pedaling.

No, we are not a folding model from the prestigious Brompton-style, project with which we aims to be easier to carry, when we’re not giving pedals. The name of the concept is Kit Bike.

The most striking is that the wheels go in the backpack, therefore conditioned its circular shape. The pieces that make up the frame, handlebar or seatpost, are modular, and are engaged each other as if we were assembling a puzzle (there is a key system that leaves them connected).

As main material of the elements we have chosen the aluminum, proven in the world of bicycles by their ratio of strength and weight. Something very different is the rigidity that have been able to get with a picture based on modules, and missing important areas such as the seatpost.

Another point that seems delicate is the fact that bike is attached to the wheels on a single side. Taking into account that the philosophy of the product is not the create a mountain bike, and endure continuous imperfections of the land, or breaks, that they might have well tied rigidity.

As for how to transmit our energy to the wheels, has been chosen by a belt, instead of a string. As there is more mobile, or mechanical elements as changes or brakes – we are before a fixed-, the end result is quite simple.

By now the work of Lucid Design -a team of Indian design – not is more than a project, on paper or computer graphics, remains to be seen in what is the thing when they actually decide to create it. I leave you with a gallery that will allow you to know better the concept:

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