With the Pedelec on Enso-Rundum-Tour – an Experience Report

“From a test ride, everyone has come back with a big grin in the face.” This was recently reported to me by a bike saleswoman in North Rhine-Westphalia, which I squeezed to customer satisfaction.Pedelecs have spread like a plague in the “flatlands”.

Actually, you would need the excess force rather in strong wavy terrain, they work there just as well?The short answer: Yes, clearly – and my satisfied grin I have hidden in the ENSO-RUNDUM-TOUR but slightly shamefully.

As a pedelec tester, I applied for the exact question: did the technology catch up?When, recently, a newspaper editor from Dresden, the Elbhang – for connoisseurs: the Grundstraße – was pushed up, he came back to the editorial department after only 30 kilometers of testimony with almost empty battery.The result was correspondingly ambiguous.

Is my proberad loaded sufficiently?How do the slopes in the Tharandter Wald look like?I think about that when I raced on the Weißeritz along from Dresden to the starting place.A pedelec with empty battery is similarly hard to bring over the hills like my Hollandrad, with which I travel.

At the dome hall, the first pulp is being punctually punctured as I arrive.Peter does not seem to have any notice, the paperwork is damp.The sky is covered over the first part of the circuit.But that is an advantage.The route planners have created an ambitious course.The highlights of the “Energieroute” are:Meilerplatz, hydroelectric power station, dam, educational trail – and, of course, the catering areas – are cleverly installed.

My Garmin GPS records the route.The evaluation will then result in 800 vertical meters with a distance of 37 kilometers.This is not a little time for a leisure trip.I’m glad I can fly up the heights.From solidarity with the “real” pedals, I have consistently refrained from the fourth and strongest drive.Nevertheless, I reach an average of 16 km/h in the slopes, downhill even over 23. Finally, there are still two divisions remaining capacity on the display.I took an extra excursion with 100 additional altitudes right at the beginning, am at the station.The speed makes a little lonely, the only downside I’ll find today.

And I had not been attentive enough at the briefing, had the wrong key served. The generator function (recuperation) recharges units into the battery and brakes the wheel without brakes. Well, the extra portion I have not needed. Instead, the Pannienstienst had to be called to a small malheur at the resting place. But it worked wonderfully. For this – and for the good security of the route with items and warnings – an extralob.

My conclusion:The diamond pedelec gave me a very nice Sunday. When the goal arrived, even the sun was laughing. I am sure that this technique can be used in everyday life and that it will enrich our mobility. Also for me is already something in the planning, but this is a different topic.