World’s Coolest Water Bottle

How many people really, honestly can’t say he was drinking enough water every day? I, at least, quite directly, I can admit that I do not remember the days when water-rally is really going to be juotua enough. The official recommendation is to drink about 1-1, 5 l of water per day, but too often it comes in the evening, tajuttua, that has been drinking a glass of perhaps one small. Savior appeared in the Mukama. fi-the online store of I got to choose for myself something and I ended up with This stylish water bottle..

Water has a number of positive effects-it removes the body of toxins, makes the skin glow, help the laihdutuksessa (the idea of a “properly oiled machine” is probably the least Majed explanation…), refresh … Water can also, of course, drink too much, in which case it can be even dangerous, but also dehydration is a dangerous area. The liquid waste, of course, cannot, however, if you drink fluids, but already old people know that water is the best fluid to the body. The world’s water resources are in bad shape, and we Finns should be grateful for the fact that we have access to clean water just taken for granted. One has only to tap water in many of the cities is not recommended for drinking at all!

The adequate drinking water can be taken care of to the best so that position all the time a bottle of water with them. On those days when I feel tired in the morning too, I drink often bottled energy drink on the way to work and I use the empty bottles of water pullona the rest of the day. Recently, I have been drinking about a litre of water a day time steadily brisk for a week. However, the time for logical is that elegant and beautiful beverage bottles is much doorbell did not work to carry and enjoy it throughout the day-it also Tumblrin fitnesspuoli reminds us to trumpet the water drinking.

My water bottle is the Klean Kanteen, brisk character Reflect-500 ml size. Therefore, in accordance with the recommendations of the three but in a day! I chose the brushed version, and I will be here a bit reminiscent of the old milk bottles. The bottle is empty and the hand surprisingly light materials are in a bottle of stainless steel, bamboo, silicone, as well as concentrate used in the CAP. The bottle inside revealed yet with describes the product more-including the fact that the bottle is genuine freedom, it is not intended as a jäädytykselle, or hot beverages and the CAP should be washed by hand. An ecological choice it makes, the fact that it has a lifetime warranty and the materials are natural and Klean Kanteen to manufacture all products in an environmentally responsible way. Compared to my old plastic bottle for water pullona, for the rest of your life-long warranty on the water bottle is a huge leap in the right direction. The CAP is screwed into the open and it will be a fun metallic screeching sound.

Appearing to havethe whole of the range is an unusually elegant and beautiful-there is so of bags, wallets, card cases, cookie boxes, combs, protective shells, Apple-like vihkojakin. All is a stylish design in the style of drinking pulloni. On their website they will tell you, with the aim to sell on their website a high-quality product, which will become a part of everyday life-and indeed I believe the bottle with menoissani on a daily basis.

And if it is now to be reminded to drink the water will continue to be the necessary quantities-this at least make no harm carry your bottles all over the place! Do you remember you drink enough water?