You Know the Rules of Etiquette for Coffee?

Whether acting, not only in major events, but also in everyday situations as to make espresso on a daily basis is very important. In this sense, the label it is crucial even in time to serve and take the traditional coffee. Want to know how to serve coffee with elegance and behave correctly in time to make the drink in your House and in other places? Then check out the main rules of etiquette in relation to coffee.

Observe Well the Role of Host

If in addition to coffee lover, you are the host, fulfill your role well and never let a visit out of your home without offering a fresh and good quality coffee.The drink can be served in the living room or on a table set, accompanied by buttered biscuits, petit fours and cakes. Besides, don’t offer sweetened coffee and always bring in the tray, aside from the thermos, the sweetener, sugar bowl and cream.

Think about the Presentation of Your Coffee

An important point is to think on coffee presentation, choose beautiful dishes and make sure that the tray is impeccably clean. It is worth noting that not always the dish washers remove completely the stains of fat and lipstick, so careful attention! At the time of serving, the Cup must be on the saucer with a teaspoon, with the tip of the spoon should be facing the direction of the wing of the Cup.

Behave at the Table

It’s a simple Cup of coffee, you should be polite and sensitive to the table to avoid burns or splashes besmirching the towel. The coffee must be taken slowly, your elbows should not be supported in the mobile and the Cup must never be handled with both hands. These are basic rules!

Use the Spoon Appropriately

As soon as you receive the Cup, sweeten the coffee to your liking and stir with the spoon looking to make the minimum of fuss. Complete the mixture, place the water bottle on the saucer immediately. According to novowaterbottles, a very common mistake is to prove the coffee with a spoon after putting the sugar, but you should avoid this error at all costs.

Never Blow the Hot Coffee

The best thing is to wait for the temperature to stay nice and suitable for consumption. When the coffee’s with the warm, drink calmly and quietly.

Wait for the Host or the Employee to Collect the Cup

When you finish a cup of coffee, never return the Cup directly to the host. Put it on the table or if you are on the couch, remain holding the Cup and wait somebody collect.

Be Nice

The breakfast is a social good, therefore, prioritize and pleasant conversations. The relaxation is welcome, but don’t overdo the dose! In addition, praise and never criticize the taste of coffee, although the drink is not to your taste.

And then, you liked our tips? Put them into practice in your everyday life and enjoy the taste of coffee with great elegance and sophistication. Until next time and keep an eye on our blog!