CPU is the acronym for Central Processing Unit translated into Spanish as the Central Processing Unit of a computer. The CPU is the brain of a digital system that has the function of handling all the most basic logical and arithmetic operations that the system requires in order to process the desired information and action. Check for more acronyms and abbreviations.

The CPU is a small board or chip that is attached to the motherboard of a computer. The motherboard is the board that contains all the integrated circuits and circuits essential for the operation of any computer.

Computers can have more than one CPU, for example, multicore processors ( multi-core processors) that integrate two CPUs on a single chip or computers formatted to use multiprocessor that incorporate more than one CPU chip to speed up its processing power of information. Today, Intel and AMD are the main CPU manufacturers and because their size has decreased considerably in recent years it has begun to be called microprocessor.

You should not make the mistake of using the acronym CPU to refer to the monitor or to the tower, box or cabinet of the desktop computer that is not the central processing unit but the place where all the important components are located, including your card mother and the CPU.

Chip is an English noun that can mean microprocessor, chip or bit and as a verb it means splintering, breaking or chopping. Chip is used to refer to a small computational processor and also to the electronic device that is introduced under the skin of an animal that stores information about its identity and its location called subcutaneous microchip.

The word chip has entered our daily life or, at least it has become more familiar, because we are surrounded by computer technology that generally carries some kind of chip inside , be it a device with a microchip or a card with a chip. The chip as a computer term begins to be used when small integrated circuit boards for electronic devices are created in 1960. It is universally adopted in 1967 when the press refers to the small rectangular and square components on the board as ‘chips’.

The motherboards or motherboard are full of these chips such as the Bios chip that acts as an interface between the card and the computer’s operating system and many others that process and execute the functions and programs.

Due to the decrease in the size of the information devices, chip begins to be used to refer to all types of square electronic devices and in the size of ‘ chip ‘, bit or tab such as memories, processors, card devices, etc. The controversial policy of some companies to apply programmed obsolescence on their devices such as printers, laptops, etc. Through a chip that determines its useful life it has also helped to spread the term.

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