10 Tips to Avoid Being Stopped on the Road or at Airports on the Weekend

Holiday weekend and end of year there’s not much way. The roads are busiest, airports and bus stations too. But you can follow some tips to avoid a troubled trip. They may not be an absolute guarantee that you won’t have a headache, but can really help.

1) the hours are the most important to avoid crowded roads, as well as roads and airports. If you can, never travel at the most crowded, that is, the night before the holiday, from the 6:00 pm, approximately. Who can travel first thing in the afternoon (or just the next day) will have less headache. Avoid taking the road or to buy tickets to the eve of the holiday, soon after work or in the early hours of the night/morning. Who leaves Sao Paulo can obtain information in real time, via the website of the ViaOeste. There the user can check traffic conditions and weather, in excerpts of the highways administrated by the concessionaire. There is also a service, which, in addition to receiving distress calls, information requests, suggestions and complaints, is responsible for keeping updated traffic bulletin.

2) time to go, it’s worth the same tip. Give up some hours at your place of destination, but anticipate the back, if you can’t postpone it a bit. Otherwise, you will make the return trip at the same time as everyone else, and inevitably will have to face a traffic bottled.

3) Plan your travel time by car is also very important to avoid that you run too much on the road. Always observe speed limits. Be careful also not to go too slow and become a nuisance to the other vehicles. According to the Traffic code, the driver cannot walk on the left lane 50% below the speed limit.

4) On road trips, if you are the driver, never travel with sleep. Plan your schedule so that you don’t have to sacrifice your hours of sleep.

5) Fill the tank and don’t worry about the fuel. No use programming to prevent chaotic traffic and stay stopped on the road for lack of gasoline, doesn’t it? Who has a car with bi-fuel engine and he will do a longer trip should fill the tank with gasoline. Although more expensive, this allows more fuel mileage per liter compared to alcohol.

6) for those who choose to make the plane ride there is a good option to at least know what you’re going to have to face the front. Infraero Web site allows the passenger monitor the situation of the main Brazilian airports, displaying information about flights delayed and cancelled.

7) before you leave home, check if you have all the necessary documents: original RG, license and registration (for those travelling by car).

8) those who are traveling by plane should, if possible, should arrive at the airport well in advance. National flights ask the passenger to arrive 1 hour before departure, while international flights require 2 hours of antecedĂȘncias. Increase this time and arrive even earlier. Take a book, magazines, iPod, whatever you think is best. Just don’t come in the Nick of time. Who arrives before has more guarantee Board. It may seem absurd, but the overbooking is not illegal. It consists of airlines sell about of 30% more than the number of seats of the aircraft. In other words, who gets too short notice, can be placed on another flight later, if the demand for that time has been very great.

9) check-in can be made up to 24 hours before the time of shipment. Some airlines offer the option of the passenger to check in over the internet. Arriving at the airport, he only need to hurry the baggage, but the flight will be guaranteed.

10) cruise lines can be an alternative for those who do not want to risk had envisaged crowded airports.