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Meanings of Back Office

Back office is an expression taken from the English language that literally means ‘back office’. This term refers to the set of activities that support a company and that do not involve direct contact with the client or end user. Thus, the tasks and activities carried out in the back office are basically business support functions for the fulfillment… Read More »

Meanings of Backup

Backup is the Hispanicization of back up , an English expression that means ‘backup’. It is mainly used in computer science, where it means a backup copy of the information stored in an electronic device. In Spanish, this concept is also known by the names backup, backup security and backup copy. The ultimate purpose of the backup is essentially to allow the restoration of the data once it has been… Read More »

Meanings of Bacteria

The bacterium is a unicellular and prokaryotic microorganism, which means it has no nucleus. Bacteria, along with protozoa, fungi and algae, belong to the category of microorganisms, which are microscopic life forms. The bacterium is indispensable for life on Earth and exists in the most diverse environments. It is the organism that is found in greater abundance on our… Read More »