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Meanings of Baby

In colloquial speech baby is used as love or affection or boy/girl to refer to a person to express affection or love. It can also be used in an ironic and even derogatory way just like the word “doll.” In the Spanish-speaking world, this word is used in some names of trademarks or places related to children. The word baby in English also includes other… Read More »

Meanings of Baccalaureate

Baccalaureate is a program of studies that follows secondary education, although in some countries, they may be part of it. The baccalaureate in the latter case is also called high school. The baccalaureate is the studies that allow a student to obtain the baccalaureate degree, requirement for the continuation of studies in university institutions. The National Baccalaureate System… Read More »

Meanings of Background

Background is an English word that means ‘background’, ‘below the surface’ or ‘background’. Although in English it is used extensively in many areas, such as the Castilian word “fund”, the same does not occur when used in the Spanish language. The word background used in the context of the Spanish language refers specifically to the experience or training of a… Read More »