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Meanings of City Council

The City Council is called the body responsible for the functions of government and administration of a municipality. It is the usual designation of the local administrative entity in countries such as Spain or Mexico. In this sense, it must be written with an initial capital letter. As such, the City Council is composed of the figure of a mayor or municipal president,… Read More »

Meanings of Random

Random is a combination of unforeseeable, complex, non-linear circumstances or causes, without prior plan and without purpose, which supposedly cause a certain event to occur that is not conditioned by the cause and effect relationship or by human or divine intervention. This event can be good and it can also be a misfortune caused by chance, fortune, perhaps,… Read More »

Meanings of Aztec

The Aztecs were a culture native to Aztlan, a mythical place that gave rise to the name Azteca. These Aztecs are also called Mexicas, a name given by their leader Huitzilopochtli when they separated from the Aztecs of Coatepec, migrating and founding Tenochtitlán around 1111 AD. There they developed their culture over the Olmec buildings until the arrival of Hernán Cortés in 1519 AD. Aztec… Read More »