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Meanings of ISO

The word ISO is the abbreviation of several words in English that refers to the International Standardization Organization. The ISO, as explained on, is responsible for shaping and promoting a system that allows the international standardization of a large number of products and also covers various areas. The birth of the International Standardization Organization dates back… Read More »

Meanings of Axiomatic

Axiomatic is something obvious, unquestionable, indisputable, undeniable, irrefutable, irrefutable, safe, proven, of course, it is something related to axioms, which is not false or doubtful. Axiomatic has a meaning in various sciences, such as logic, mathematics, engineering, all with theories about axioms. In logic, there is the axiomatic system, which is a form of deductive theory, constructed from initial conditions that… Read More »

Meanings of Fasting

Fasting is the action of fast without eating food. A prolonged fast causes a lack of nutrients and energy sources that cause changes in the structure and function of the organs and even death. Fasting can be done for different reasons: Fasting to lose weight. There is a belief that to lose weight you must fast. However, it can cause serious health problems and is associated… Read More »