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Meanings of Library

The library is a space where a cultural record of the past and present is preserved and maintained. The word library derives from the Greek composed of the prefix biblio- which means “book” and the suffix -teca that refers to a “closet”. Libraries were a place where books were kept. It was only after the construction of the Alexandria library in… Read More »

Meanings of Welfare

Welfare is the state of the human person in which he is made sensible proper functioning of its somatic and psychic activity. As such, the term refers to a state of personal satisfaction, or comfort that provides the individual with economic, social, labor, psychological, biological satisfaction, among others. However, welfare is a subjective state since the… Read More »

Meanings of Olympic Flag

The Olympic flag is one of the symbols of the modern Olympic Games, along with the torch and medals. It symbolizes the union and peace of nations in sports competitions. The flag is composed of five rings or colored rings intertwined on a white background, a symbol of peace. The rings are arranged three below and two above. It has… Read More »