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Meanings of Charity

Charity is the action or practice of doing good and helping the most needy without asking for anything in return. The word beneficence derives from the Latin beneficicentia. Among the synonyms that can be used in reference to this term are: philanthropy, charity, help, humility, attention or favor. Charity can be considered as a value that implies the willingness to… Read More »

Meanings of Benignity

Benignity refers to the values ​​of something or someone who is considered good in its essence. The word benign derives from the Latin word benegnus composed of the words bene which means “good” and genus that indicates “born”, therefore etymologically means that it is something conceived or created for good. The term benignity is used as an adjective that is used to describe… Read More »

Meanings of Beta

Beta is the second letter of the Greek alphabet (Β / β), corresponding to the letter “b” of the Spanish alphabet. In some places, the word beta is related to a plastic box that contains a magnetic tape to record and reproduce image and sound, it is what is known as videocassette. In the area of ​​economics, beta is… Read More »