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Meanings of Fund Saving

Save costs and determine the right funds. The rapid development of funds officially approved in Germany shows the interest investors have in this form of capital investment. The assets collected in Germany by the capital management companies rose from 12.7 billion euros in 1990 to 102.9 billion euros in 2012. It is also not surprising,… Read More »

Meanings of Money Market Funds

Money market funds are a special type of open-ended investment fund. They are considered very safe, but are generally not suitable for long-term investments. The reason for this is the relatively low return. In connection with the capital market, the money market refers to investments with terms of less than one year. Direct participants in… Read More »

Meanings of Monetary Value

The term monetary value is used less frequently in the context discussed here; the terminology of purchasing power is more popular. However, both terms denote the same state. Monetary value is the value that is required to acquire a certain commodity in a currency area. The rule is that the monetary value is variable. The… Read More »

Meanings of Cooperative

Every member of a cooperative must acquire shares in the cooperative in order to become co-owner and thus part of the community. Read here what members of a housing cooperative have to consider, how cooperative banks work and how cooperative shares can be used as investments. A cooperative is a democratic form of company in… Read More »