Abdominal, Order We Must Follow for Best Results

We always complain that our abdominal they are not as they should be and we fail to mark them. But it is that in many cases not given the importance that have and are not trained as one more muscle, but are exercised quickly and disorderly.

The abdominal musculature is one of the most complex organism and that more costs to train, since the exercises that are performed normally are not adequate or not to isolate different parts of the abdominal wall to focus the exercise. The effort must be located by zones, and the training has to follow an order differentiating the parts that we are working well. In this way we can get very good results.

The muscles that make up the abdominal wall are synergists each other, i.e., when we perform movements with the trunk all the muscles of the abdomen are involved. The movement is never only for a muscle, since movements are interrelated, hence the difficulty of isolating the abdominal muscles. We can not really differentiate between an abdominal muscle or otherwise, since all are a set.

When we say that we work the upper muscles, the lower are… falling into a mistake, because there are those independent muscles as such, but they are parts or areas of the abdomen in which we are going to concentrate our efforts in training for them in particular, although it is inevitable to go into action elsewhere in the abdominal.

Yes it is true that there are parts of the abdominal wall that involved more than others in the movements that I carry. This is the case of the lap top or straight section that is involved in almost all the movements, while the bottom is just involved in movements of the trunk. This you have to keep in mind when training to know the order to follow.

It is important to begin to work the least involved in the movements and leave to the end zone that is always present. This is the logical order to obtain a good development of the abdominal wall. We will start training the bottom of the rectus abdominis, passing by the oblique muscles side and end with the upper zone of the rectus abdominis.

It is important that we focus on these areas and to make focused exercises to work each one of them. What we recommend is to conduct of 2-3 exercises for each part respecting this order and concentrating the effort in the worked area.