Alexander Wetterhall: Le Samyn and 3Days West Flander

Road: freezing, secession and an unsuccessful time trial. Alexander Wetterhall talks about Le Samyn and 3Days West Flander.

In the middle of last week, we drove Le Samyn – the first race in the French-speaking part of Belgium. We’d run the 207 kilometers during the cold day, which only offered a measly degrees above zero.
Today’s task was to pick the secession and the task we did great, no major group came off without us. I tried, and came away with a smaller group but we never managed to build something greater distances without becoming sought after less than a mile.
It took over four miles of attacks before the three were able to break free and it calmed down but the hard start was hard and when we got in on the final lap I had to provide me with 10 kilometers left to finish.

I had hoped that Le Samyn would become a good upload for 3Days West Flanders that opened with a 7-kilometre Prologue on Friday but how wrong I was. I did probably my worst race of pacing cycle and where we take the point.
The three-day race had just started but the digest was more or less sat then the next two line stages was relatively flat and controlled in order to finish in the sprints.
Roger Kluge was our best placed in sammadraget, and because he also is an accomplished sprinter so I did everything possible to drag him into a good position in the two following 180-kilometer-long etappernas conclusions.
Unfortunately, it was very messy goal with refuges, curves and road signs but we managed to avoid the tarmac and kept us on the wheels. Roger had a great trip to the target, and without any top results on the stages, he finished as the 10th man in the abstract which is good. I made the top 50, despite my prologmiss …

Now I am on g down to new competitions and already this weekend I drive Ronde van Drenthe and Dwars door Drenthe in the Netherlands. Full throttle is promised!