Alexander Wetterhall: Tour of Oman

Country road: “it was like a mini Tour de France or so.”
Alexander Wetterhall talks about the Tour of Oman.

After a week and a half at home in Sweden for Argentina, it was time for the next long trip. Six days and six stages long Tour of Oman stood at the door and it was time to shake up some good legs again.

We came down to Oman on the day before the race and it would have been nice to get a little more time before starting. I and Erick Rowsell met up with the team that had already run six-day Tour of Qatar to give the team some new energy.

The very best teams were in place with many of their best skaters of the good kind. It was like a mini Tour de France or so. Tour of Oman offered a fine view of the barren and arid landscape. They had gotten up really hard stages, also with many steep slopes towards the end of the stages which shook to the abstract.

I unfortunately went on a smaller cold during the week and acted as a domestique for my teammates, really boring when I had hoped to be able to be there more. We ran together some good results and Blaz Jarc team’s best when he sprinted in as the 9th at the closing stage while Paul Voss was strong on the climbs and in the abstract.

Now waiting for repatriation, or in any case to Belgium where I’ll spend time in the classics …