Ansabere 400 Sleeping Bag Reviews

That’s quite some time that we are happy to sleep in tent during our trips traveling for a weekend or several weeks. We have some experience in the area of camping equipment. If you choose a tent for roaming, it is of course to protect themselves from bad weather, some small bugs but also to not get hypothermia if cold fell on us. In a tent, there are actually warmer than outside because the air is stable. But a single tent is not enough set aside under certain conditions (in summer and plain for example). Otherwise, you must take with you a sleeping bag.. .and a floor mat/mattress because the insulation below your sleeping bag is crushed by your weight and you you cool by conduction. The triptych tent| tarp/sleeping bag/carpet| mattress floor will allow you to spend RESTful nights and without dangers. Of course, we will have to adapt this triptych according to conditions and temperatures you may potentially encounter (always plan for the worst, it’s safer). If you wish to have more information on the sleeping bags, direct you to the article “what sleeping bag choose?”, good reading!

In this test, we will make a full return on the sleeping bags of beds Ansabere 400 and 600 made in Triple Zero.. .and so Made in France ! After being convinced by the down jacket Antza, here we are trying another product of the very serious French brand.

Ansabere 400

In the world of the sleeping bag for fishing, as alltimefishing, plethora solutions and each manufacturer is in his arguments to convince you on the materials used. Simply put, in this complex world sleeping bags, two worlds clash.

There is the pro duvets (duck, goose) and the synthetic pros (material from often the petrochemical industry). The natural is so opposed to the artificial. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of down’ be light and warm. That’s what we are looking of course but it is worth noting as down sucks moisture. So wet once the down sleeping bag can potentially put you in danger while a synthetic will keep you a little warm.

You now know if you may encounter of liquid water could soak your down sleeping bag. If Yes, then consider rather synthetic. On our side, to limit the risk, we put our sleeping bags in a waterproof compression sack. If you pay close attention and you think do not wet your duvet, look what nature has done better thermal insulation. Down is the ultimate weapon of some birds to protect themselves from the cold. As often, a man so the benefits and put this amazing ability to services for people seeking to protect themselves from the cold while remaining lightweight. Triple Zéro part of lovers of down and the latter offers us in all these products the excellent minimum 800 CUIN goose down (either the best quality on the market). For the uninitiated, CUIN(Cubic Inch) is the unit of measurement that allows to know the thermal quality of the down.

After being convinced by a jacket of the Builder, let’s see what that these sleeping bags property named Ansabere 400 and 600 reserve us. Place the test!


I] Builder features

  • Weight down: 400 g for the Ansabere 400 and 600 g for Ansabere 600,.
  • Total weight *: 750 g for the Ansabere 400 and 950 g for Ansabere 600,.
  • Number of compartments: 14,.
  • Size compressed,
  • (the bottom height x diameter): 20 cm x 20 cm.
  • Compressed volume: 6 liters.
  • Compartmentalized, System
  • Entirely watertight compartments: 14 compartments.
  • Wide flange,
  • Bed of sealing system,
  • Sizes: S, M, L.
  • Goose DOWN “000” purified in the extreme, inflating power: 800 CUIN minimum without additive.
  • Zipper set length,
  • Indoor and outdoor fabric: Polyamide, fine and resistant: 32 g/m2.
  • Cover of compression and ventilated storage bag provided.
  • Price: €258 for the Ansabere 400 and €298 for the 600 Ansabere. (Price without delivery).