Ansabere Sleeping Bag Reviews

The feet are surgarnies

Intensive use in the field

During our JWGC (great crossing of the Massif Central) in ATV we used these sleeping bags. For me, this will be the 400 and Flo the 600. The Ansabere 400 is lighter and therefore less hot than the 600 and I allowed myself to take away my down jacket Antza if it was colder than expected.Triple Zéro gives no comfort to his sleeping temperature but the 400 is very praised by the mid “ing” and it is known as a zero degree quality comfort.Thus, the 600 is definitely closer to a -5 to -10 degrees comfort. We went in the month of may on the hills of the massif central and these duvets have been able to fully meet our expectations. They surprised us by their qualities and their heat. Goose 800 CUIN at Triple Zero down has an amazing loft that captures a maximum of air and gives the user the best of this natural material.

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The two bags in the Vaude Taurus XP UL tent

More than 10 nights we had the opportunity to test these sleeping bags and this during the cold and wet nights. The behavior of two duvets have been excellent and the weight/heat ratio is simply stunning. The 400 with his 750 grams ansabere to sleep comfortably even during a light frozen (tested). The 600 allows you to hold on to more cold nights but is also ideal for a woman or Frisky people sleeping with nights slightly below zero degrees. The 950 grams of this 600 Ansabere make a duvet for winter or summer in altitude of the lighter and it’s very nice when each gram is important. First impressions we had at home were confirmed on the ground. The comfort, the quality, the heat are at the rendezvous. The weight and volume one times in the bag of compression is that these sleeping bags are forgotten in the bags. Note that we coupled these Ansabere with a mattress of quality soil to combine comfort and safety. It’s the Exped SynMat 7 UL. This mattress so to get the best out of our sleeping bags. Our ATV JWGC was therefore a success partly thanks to these Ansabere and we completely conquered, so that Flo decided to appropriate the 600 version. As for me, I think also acquire the 600 in near future. The 400 is ideal for a zero degree of comfort but I already have one and the 600 will have the opportunity to come keep me warm in much colder temperatures.

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Use on mattress SynMat 7 UL Exped

It is to be noted on bestfishingessentials that after several days of use, to trend down towards the sides and this has consequence of thermal bridges and reduce heat of down.To remedy this, feel free to shake the bag down come spread throughout the compartments. This trend is sharper on the 400 on the 600, normal given that the 400 has two hundred grams of down and less. Another wish would be to use a cloth slightly more water repellent because during humid nights, the condensation of the tent was dripping water and we found that the fabric would have to gain if the latter was more waterproof.

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Once compact compression bag

(In the foreground: the jacket Antza)

Conclusion and thanks

Antza jacket was finished by convince me during its winter test last year. Here, Triple Zero reiterates her seduction with duvets Ansabere 400 and 600.Watch your as try, an Ansabere, it is to adopt. The manufacturing quality and the materials used can only seduce the user. Intense but controlled heat to sleep peacefully during the cool to cold uits n. For a little less than €300 the Ansabere 600 is an excellent choice for those seeking a warm down bag. The 400 will be very good for a zero degree of comfort and it is a choice in gold for seeking this type of degree comfort and lightness. Pair a 400 with a down jacket Antza maybe also a very good solution because it allows to have a jacket during the day if needed. You may have guessed, we recommend to all those seeking a high-quality sleeping bag goose down to turn to one of the two Ansabere. For the heat, we can also turn to the 800! More information on Our site. You will find the form of these bags on the page of the Ansabere 400 beds and its big brother the Ansabere 600.Good bivouacs!