Balletball: New Trend in Fitness Unites Strength and Elegance

Several adjustments appear in the world of physical activities to improve results and also to attract more people. The swiss ball is one of those instruments that are true wild cards and help you practice pilates, exercises, abdominal, legs, buttocks, physiotherapy, among others. Now, she borrows all its versatility to blend movements of ballet to the strength, which ended up generating the modality of the Balletball.

Balletball New Trend in Fitness Unites Strength and Elegance

Get to know the Balletball

The creation is the teacher’s Tininha, a fitness centre of Curitiba (PR), who is passionate about dance. It all started with an invitation to develop a workshop different for the young women during the campaign theme of the October pink. The students loved the experience and wanted more. So, what was supposed to be just a workshop, just getting to the grid for the official activities of the academy.

Ballet + ball

Tininha is a professor of ballet and has studied this and other practices. The idea with the Balletball was to combine the benefits of several practices into one. “I tried to create a sequence of movements that promote flexibility, balance, coordination and strength in addition to beauty, elegance and correct posture that the classical ballet-demand”, explains the professor. The exercises are also performed on the floor (on mattress), in addition to the ball.

Body and soul

The practice of Balletball also works with the musicianship, which leaves the activity even more pleasurable. “You can feel in the physical, mind, and soul, the benefits promoted when we combine dance with other physical activities,” says the teacher. The classes are held two times per week and do not have age limit to participate.

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