Barry County, Michigan

By | July 5, 2023

Barry County is located in the lower peninsula of Michigan, just south of Grand Rapids. It is known for its rural charm and natural beauty, with rolling hills, forests, and plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities. The county seat is Hastings, which has a population of 7,851. Other major cities in Barry County include Middleville (2,739), Delton (1,923), Nashville (1,746) and Woodland (1,146).

The population in Barry County is largely white with about 94% identifying as Caucasian. The next largest ethnic group is Hispanic or Latino at 2%, followed by African American at 1%, Asian at 0.7%, Native American at 0.5%, and multiracial at 1%. In terms of religion the majority are Christian with nearly 85% identifying as such. Other religious affiliations include Judaism and Islam each making up about 1% of the population.

Barry County has a median household income of $46,056 which is slightly lower than both the state median income ($68,800) and national median income ($60293). The poverty rate in Barry County stands at 16.3%, which is higher than both the state poverty rate (13%) and national poverty rate (14%). The unemployment rate in Barry County stands at 6%, which is higher than both the state unemployment rate of 4.6% and national unemployment rate of 3.9%.

In terms of education most residents have some college experience with nearly 33% having earned an Associate’s degree or higher while 19% have earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher and 42% have only completed high school or less. Although there are no major universities located within Barry County itself there are several nearby including Grand Valley State University located just outside Grand Rapids as well as Western Michigan University located near Kalamazoo making it an excellent place for those looking to pursue higher education opportunities nearby.

Barry County has much to offer its residents from rural charm to modern amenities as well as diverse cultures and religions making it an excellent place to live. It also boasts plenty of outdoor activities such as fishing on the Thornapple River or camping on one of its many lakes making it ideal for those who love spending time outdoors.

History of Barry County, Michigan

Barry County, Michigan is located in the southwestern region of the state and was established in 1829. It is named after William T. Barry, who served as Postmaster General under President Andrew Jackson. The county seat is Hastings and it has a population of 7,851 people. Other major cities in Barry County include Middleville, Delton, Nashville and Woodland.

The first settlers to Barry County were predominantly from New England and arrived in the early 1800s. They were drawn to the area by its natural beauty and abundance of resources such as timber, water, and game. The first settlement was at Thornapple which was founded by Elijah Crampton in 1831. Other early settlements included Irving, Middleville (1837), Delton (1840), Nashville (1843) and Woodland (1844).

The economy of Barry County was largely based on agriculture with farms dotting the landscape for many years. In addition to farming there were also several mills that were built throughout the county including gristmills, sawmills and woolen mills which provided much needed jobs for residents during this period.

In 1854 a railroad line connecting Grand Rapids to Kalamazoo was completed which allowed for easier transportation of goods throughout the area as well as increased trade with other parts of Michigan and beyond. This led to increased population growth over time as well as more economic opportunities for residents such as manufacturing jobs at factories located along the rail line or working on farms that could now easily transport their products elsewhere via railcar.

The population continued to grow steadily until World War II when there was an influx of people moving into the area due to increased job opportunities created by war-related industries like aircraft manufacturing plants located nearby in Grand Rapids or Kalamazoo or military bases located throughout Michigan such as Fort Custer near Battle Creek or Camp Grayling near Grayling. These new arrivals helped fuel further economic growth after the war ended with many new businesses being established within Barry County or relocated from other parts of Michigan due to its central location within the state making it an attractive option for those looking to relocate their business operations closer to home or take advantage of reduced taxes offered by local governments within Barry County compared to other areas nearby like Detroit or Grand Rapids.

Today, Barry County remains largely rural but has seen some growth over recent years due to its proximity to larger cities like Grand Rapids which provides easy access for commuters looking for employment opportunities there while still maintaining a more rural lifestyle than they would find if they moved directly into one those larger cities themselves. With its diverse cultural background, abundance of natural resources, convenient location, and strong economy, Barry County is an excellent place for those looking for a quieter life while still being close enough to take advantage of all that Michigan has to offer.

Major cities and towns in Barry County, Michigan

According to AbbreviationFinder, Barry County, Michigan is home to many small and medium-sized towns and cities. The county seat is Hastings, a town of about 8,000 people. Hastings is known for its historic downtown area and its proximity to the Kalamazoo River. Nearby Middleville is a small community of around 3,000 people that offers a peaceful atmosphere and easy access to nearby lakes and parks. Further southeast lies Nashville, a rural town of about 1,500 people that serves as the gateway into the Manistee National Forest. To the north lies Delton, a village of about 1,200 people with an abundance of outdoor activities such as camping and fishing. The area also includes the larger city of Battle Creek which has a population of over 52,000 people and offers plenty of recreational activities as well as attractions such as Binder Park Zoo and Full Blast Water Park. Just east of Battle Creek lies Bellevue which is home to 2,000 residents who enjoy its historic downtown area with shops and restaurants. Further north lies Woodland Beach which has a population under 1,000 but still offers plenty of things to do such as swimming at one of its two beaches or taking in the views from nearby Lake Michigan overlooks. Finally, on the eastern edge lies Freeport which is home to almost 800 residents who enjoy access to nearby lakes for fishing or boating activities.

Population in Barry County, Michigan

Barry County, Michigan

According to, Barry County, Michigan is home to a population of around 59,000 people. The most populous city in the county is Battle Creek which has a population of over 52,000 people. Hastings, the county seat, has a population of about 8,000 people and Middleville is home to around 3,000 residents. Nashville is a rural town of about 1,500 people while Delton is home to 1,200 residents. Bellevue has 2,000 residents and Woodland Beach has a population under 1,000. The smallest town in the county is Freeport with 800 residents.

Barry County’s diverse population includes many different ethnic backgrounds such as African American (17%), Hispanic or Latino (7%), and Asian (2%). The median age in Barry County is 40 years old with 24% of the population under 18 years old and 14% over 65 years old. In terms of gender breakdowns, there are slightly more women than men at 50.6%.

The median household income in Barry County is $44,845 which is slightly lower than the state average of $48,411. The poverty rate for Barry County stands at 17%, higher than the state average of 14%. In terms of educational attainment levels among adults 25 and older in the county stand at 89% having earned high school diplomas or higher while 29% have earned bachelor’s degrees or higher.