Cannon County, Tennessee

By | July 5, 2023

Cannon County is a county located in the US state of Tennessee. As of the 2019 US Census, Cannon County has a population of 13,821 people. The county seat and largest city is Woodbury with a population of 2,087 people. Other cities in Cannon County include Auburntown, Bradyville, and Readyville. The total area of Cannon County is 271 square miles (700 square kilometers).

Cannon County has experienced steady population growth over the past few decades with an increase of 7% since 2010. The majority of residents are white (91%) while 6% identify as African American and 1% identify as Hispanic or Latino origin according to ACS statistics from 2018-2019. The gender makeup in Cannon County is almost even with 50% male and 50% female residents as of 2019 statistics. The median age for residents in Cannon County is 40 years old which is slightly higher than the national average median age which is 38 years old according to ACS data from 2018-2019.

The majority of households (82%) are family households with an average household size being 2-3 persons per household according to ACS data from 2018-2019. According to ACS statistics from 2018-2019, approximately 37% of adults aged 25+ have obtained at least a bachelor’s degree or higher which is slightly lower than the national average which stands at 39%.

The economy in Cannon County relies heavily on agriculture and tourism as the county offers many attractions such as Short Mountain Distillery, Stones River National Battlefield, Arts Center Of Cannon County, and other historical sites that attract visitors year-round. In addition to this, the county also boasts several parks such as Edgar Evins State Park that offer outdoor activities such as camping and hiking for locals and tourists alike.

History of Cannon County, Tennessee

Cannon County, Tennessee was established in 1836 and is named after Newton Cannon, an early settler of the area and a politician who served as the Governor of Tennessee from 1835-1839. The county’s land had previously been part of Rutherford County before it was organized into its own county. Initially, the county seat was located in Woodbury but was later moved to Auburntown in 1840.

The early settlers of Cannon County were primarily farmers and ranchers who relied on the fertile soils and abundant resources to build their livelihoods. In addition to agriculture, timber production also had a large impact on the economy as many sawmills were established throughout the county during this time.

During the Civil War, Cannon County experienced significant destruction due to its strategic location near Nashville which made it a target for both Union and Confederate forces. Despite this destruction, many buildings still remain today which have been preserved by local historical societies such as Stones River National Battlefield located near Murfreesboro.

After the war ended, Cannon County began to rebuild with a focus on agriculture and industry. Many factories were opened during this time such as furniture factories which helped to bolster the economy of Cannon County during this period of growth.

Today, Cannon County still relies heavily on agriculture with soybeans being one of its major crops along with other grains such as corn and wheat. In addition to this, tourism has also become an important economic driver for Cannon County due to its many attractions including Edgar Evins State Park which offers activities such as camping and hiking for locals and tourists alike. With its rich history and natural beauty, Cannon County continues to be an attractive place for locals and newcomers alike.

Major cities and towns in Cannon County, Tennessee

According to AbbreviationFinder, Cannon County, Tennessee is home to several towns and cities that contribute to the county’s unique culture and history. The county seat is located in Auburntown which was established in 1840 and is home to many of the county’s government offices. Woodbury is another major town located in Cannon County which was established in 1809 and is known for its historic downtown area that features many charming shops and restaurants.

Bradyville is a small town located near the center of the county which was established in 1844 and has a population of around 500 people. It was once an important railroad stop for both passengers and freight trains but today it remains a small community with a few businesses such as grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants.

Readyville is another town located on the southeastern side of Cannon County which was founded in 1827 by Andrew Ready. This town has grown significantly over the years with its population now exceeding 1,000 people. It features several local businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, banks, and more.

Short Mountain is located on the northern side of Cannon County near the border with DeKalb County and has a population of around 800 people. This town has been known for its abundance of natural resources throughout its history with timber production being one of its major industries until recently when it transitioned into more tourism-related activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, etc.

Finally, Murfreesboro lies at the eastern edge of Cannon County near Stones River National Battlefield which draws many visitors each year from all across the United States who come to explore this important historic site from the Civil War era. Murfreesboro also offers many amenities such as shopping centers, restaurants, entertainment venues, parks, museums, etc., making it an attractive destination for tourists visiting Cannon County.

Population in Cannon County, Tennessee

Cannon County, Tennessee

According to, Cannon County, Tennessee is home to over 14,000 people. The largest city is Murfreesboro, which has a population of just over 130,000 people. The county seat of Auburntown is the second largest city with a population of around 1,800 people. Other towns in the county are Woodbury (population 1,500), Bradyville (population 500), and Readyville (population 1,000).

The racial makeup of Cannon County is predominantly White with 91% of the population being non-Hispanic White. African Americans make up 5% of the population while Hispanics and Latinos account for 2%. Native Americans make up 0.3% of the population and Asians 0.2%.

Cannon County has a median age of 38 years old with 28% of the population under 18 years old and 9% over 65 years old. The median household income in Cannon County is $41,872 while the per capita income is $19,940. Around 24% of households are below poverty level which is higher than both the state and national average.

The majority of Cannon County residents are employed in service occupations such as retail salespersons or food preparation workers while 12% work in manufacturing jobs such as machine operators or assemblers. Education and healthcare also employ many people in Cannon County with 8% working in educational services and 6% working in healthcare support roles such as medical assistants or home health aides.

Cannon County is an area rich in culture and history that offers many amenities to its residents as well as visitors from outside its borders. With its diverse mix of people from different backgrounds and its abundance of natural resources, it continues to be an attractive destination for those seeking a better life for themselves or their families.