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Meanings of CEO

According to abbreviationfinder, CEO is short for Chief Executive Officer. “Chief Executive Officer” is the English term for the position that we would call “General Manager” in German. The CEO is often also referred to as the executive member of a board of directors or, in principle, the person with the highest responsibility in a… Read More »

Meanings of Direct Marketing 3

Is a customer database very important for direct marketing? Direct marketing without data does not work. Direct marketing relies on a lot of data and information. These give you information about this and also what you need to know about potential customers or your existing customers. It is not possible for you to establish direct… Read More »

Meanings of Direct Marketing 2

The different instruments in direct marketing Direct marketing not only helps you as a founder to win customers, but also to bind them to you over time and to look after them as regular customers. There are a few instruments available to you that you can use effectively. instrument description e-mail A common instrument in… Read More »

Meanings of Direct Marketing

As a founder or young entrepreneur, in most cases the focus is on gaining new customers and retaining regular customers . This is not always easy and requires a well-thought-out marketing concept. At the beginning of an entrepreneurship, however, there is often insufficient budget to advertise in newspapers or other media. For this reason, direct… Read More »

Meanings of Mold Merchant 2

Commercial business management We have already summarized some of the merchant’s rights and obligations and what the merchant should actually do must also be mentioned. The focus is on all transactions that the merchant conducts within the framework of the commercial enterprise. These so-called ” legal transactions customary in the industry ” that are concluded… Read More »

Meanings of Mold Merchant 1

In connection with different types of company, the terms “legal persons” or “form merchant” are often used . In this article, we’ll show you what that means exactly and what subtleties need to be considered. In addition, we go into the various forms of merchants and also discuss the obligations that result for you and… Read More »

Meanings of Utility Model

The protection of utility models is no longer just practical for hobby inventors, but an important tool for companies that want to protect innovations they have developed themselves. In this article we will therefore show you what exactly a utility model protection is, how it is applied and what possibilities arise from it. Utility model… Read More »

Meanings of Warranty

If there is a nasty surprise after the purchase and the goods are defective, everyone should know what to do. Did you know that the seller is obliged to replace the goods? According to, the legal guarantee ensures that the customer has a right to working articles at all times. Definition of warranty –… Read More »

Meanings of Expense Report

Especially with business trips there are expenses that the employee takes on in the current situation. However, he can later claim this in the form of an expense report. As a self-employed person, you can also settle expenses that you first paid privately. We have clearly put together for you how expense reports work and… Read More »