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Meanings of Milk Protein Allergy

Milk protein allergy or cow’s milk allergy mainly affects infants and children. Milk protein allergy often heals spontaneously but requires special diets. It is also to be differentiated from lactose intolerance. What is a milk protein allergy? Milk protein allergy is also known as cow ‘s milk or milk allergy. Above all, milk protein allergy… Read More »

Meanings of Intersex

There are people who cannot be clearly assigned to any gender. They carry characteristics of both genders and fall within the concept of intersexuality. In Greek mythology they were referred to as hermaphrodites. What is intersex? If there is a faulty sperm production and a sperm with expressions of both sexes fertilizes an egg cell, it… Read More »

Meanings of Hangover (Alcohol Intoxication)

A hangover (alcohol intoxication) is a mood disorder that begins with severe discomfort, headaches and nausea after heavy alcohol consumption. Most hangovers don’t appear until the next day or a few hours after drinking alcohol. A hangover is to be distinguished from alcohol poisoning. What is a hangover (alcohol intoxication)? If various health problems occur after excessive… Read More »

Meanings of Liver Cirrhosis

Liver cirrhosis, or liver shrinkage, is a chronic, progressive disease of the liver. One also speaks of a destruction of the liver, which is mostly holistically affected. In particular, the liver lobules are destroyed and converted into connective tissue. Liver cirrhosis can also be an end stage of other liver diseases. Men between the ages… Read More »

Meanings of Lagophthalmos

Lagophthalmos is the term for an incomplete lid closure of the eye. Sometimes the symptom leads to a widening of the lid gap. What is lagophthalmos? In some cases, however, lagophthalmos is caused by scars that result in a shortening of the eyelids. Lagophthalmos is an incomplete closure of the eyelid. The symptoms fall into… Read More »

Meanings of Periosteum Inflammation

Periosteum inflammation or periostitis affects the periosteum covering the bone. The disease, which is caused by various causes, can be completely cured in most cases with professional treatment. What is periosteum inflammation? Periostitis can lead to various health problems and, in isolated cases, cause serious complications. Irrespective of where the periosteum inflammation occurs, severe, mostly… Read More »

Meanings of Hypochondria

Hypochondria is a serious mental disorder. Those affected are firmly convinced that they are suffering from a serious illness, without this having been confirmed by a medical diagnosis. Those affected are usually very aware of their behavior, but still cannot control their fears. What is hypochondria? Hypochondriacs often conduct extensive self-research into specific illnesses, symptoms,… Read More »

Meanings of CP

According to abbreviationfinder, CP stands for colonic polyp. A colon polyp is a colon polyp. This refers to protrusions on the intestinal mucosa. What are colon polyps? Because colon polyps are at risk of developing into cancerous tumors, treatment consists of removing the tumors. This can often be done during the first colonoscopy. Colonic polyps are polyps… Read More »

Meanings of Cut

According to DigoPaul, cut is the action and effect of cutting. This verb refers to dividing something with a cutting instrument or giving it a certain shape with scissors or tools. For example: “I am going to cut the pizza: please prepare your dishes”, “The tree was not cut very precisely and ended up damaging… Read More »

Meanings of Cord

Cordón, from the French cordon, is a rope that can be made of various materials. Typically, this rope has a cylindrical shape and is used to hold something. For example: “I need a cord to tie the bundle”, “It is very windy: I better adjust the cord of my dress”, “The window is kept closed… Read More »