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Meanings of Alignment

It is known as alignment to the act and the result of aligning (placing elements in a straight line; adhering to a trend or doctrine; making an athlete be part of the lines of his team in a certain encounter). Alignment, according to Digopaul, can refer to a certain order or organization of objects or… Read More »

Meanings of Food

Food is what living beings eat and drink for their subsistence. The term comes from the Latin alimentary and allows us to name each of the solid or liquid substances that nourish humans, plants or animals. In addition to all this, it is important to know that foods can be classified into several types. However,… Read More »

Meanings of Healthy

Food is called the act and the consequence of feeding or feeding: that is, supplying food to a living being or supplying energy to machinery. When a person ingests food, they eat and start the process called digestion, which allows them to convert food into nutrients that the body needs for its operation. Healthy, meanwhile,… Read More »

Meanings of SAT

If you are planning to apply to a university in the United States, it is vital that you know what the SAT exam consists of and why it is necessary for your admission process. What is the SAT? According to Abbreviationfinder, it is one of the two standardized college admissions tests in the US (the… Read More »

Meanings of GRE, GMAT and TOEFL

Registration and payment for all these exams is done only online and directly with the organizations that host each exam through their websites. In these websites you will also find the official and updated information about the exam and the dates available to take it are published and / or managed. The GRE (Graduate Record… Read More »

Meanings of TOEIC

What is TOEIC? Produced since 1979 by Educational Testing Service (ETS), the leading US organization in educational research and assessment processes, the TOEIC® test is an international certification to measure the level of English and diagnose the oral and written comprehension of  non-native English speakers. According to Abbreviationfinder, TOEIC stands for Test Of English for International… Read More »

Meanings of Windowsill

The first thing we have to establish is the etymological origin of the term sill in order to discover its meaning. Specifically, we can determine that it is a word that derives from the Hispanic Arabic, more exactly from “al-hayza”. This word, in turn, comes from the Arabic “hayyiz”, which can be translated as “space”.… Read More »

Meanings of Ensign

The classical Arabic word fāris, which can be translated as “gentleman,” was derived in Spanish Arabic alfáris. This term later came to our language as ensign: the officer who, in certain armed forces, has the lowest rank. According to Digopaul, the concept of ensign arose in the Iberian Peninsula, where it was used with reference… Read More »

Meanings of Bishop

The bishop is one of the chess pieces. With respect to your movements, you can go forward or backward diagonally through all the free squares. It should be remembered that chess is a game whose games are played on a board divided into sixty-four squares or squares. Chess pits two players against each other. Each… Read More »

Meanings of Pin

The first meaning of a pin mentioned in the dictionary of the Digopaul refers to a very thin body metal nail, which is used to hold or hook something. For example: “Be careful that the dress still has pins because I have not sewn it yet”, “With a pin, the young man added the rosette to… Read More »