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Meanings of Alma mater

Alma mater is an expression of Latin that is used to designate, metaphorically, the university. Its literal translation would be ‘mother nutricia’, because soul means ‘that nourishes’, while mater, matris , translates ‘mother’. In this sense, the university is considered as a mother, because it provides its children, the students, with the nourishment of the universal knowledge for the professional exercise. Hence, every regular… Read More »

Meanings of Aloha

Aloha is a Hawaiian word that serves to greet, say goodbye and desire love and harmony. Aloha is the most used and known word in Hawaii. The word is composed of alo which means “presence” and has to indicate “breathing.” Therefore, aloha literally translates as “presence of breath.” In this sense, aloha is used on the island of Hawaii as a philosophy… Read More »

Meanings of Alchemy

Alchemy are the experiences of chemical phenomena that precede the scientific method. The objective of alchemy was knowledge about the transmutation of matter, mixed with motivations considered religious or esoteric. The most accepted theory about the etymological origin of the word alchemy is one that is formed with the Arabic prefix al – and the Greek word khyma which means “mixing… Read More »

Meanings of Altar

Altar is known as a stone that sacrifices to divinity. The word altar is of Latin origin “altare” , of “altus ” which means “elevation”. In pagan religions, altar was a kind of table for sacrifices. On the other hand, in the Christian religion, altar is the table where the mass is celebrated and next to which the prayers… Read More »

Meanings of Altar of the Dead

The altar of the dead is one of the fundamental elements of the celebration of the Day of the Dead in Mexico. It represents the vision that pre-Hispanic cultures had of death. The altar of the dead consists of several floors where the syncretism of the pre-Hispanic religions merges with the Catholic religion. The basic levels of… Read More »

Meanings of Otherness

Otherness is called the condition or state of being another or of being different. As such, it applies to the discovery that the other does it and the whole range of images and representations of the other and the us that this entails. The word, as such, comes from the Latin alterĭtas, alteritātis, which in turn derives from the Latin alter, which means ‘other’. For philosophy, otherness is the opposite of identity and… Read More »

Meanings of Aquarius and Aquarium

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac that governs people born between January 21 and February 19. Aquarius is a zodiac constellation located between Capricorn and Pisces. The aquarius sign represents the revolution and its symbol includes water; belongs next to Gemini and Libra to the air element. The man and woman of this zodiac sign can… Read More »

Meanings of Assets and Liabilities

In Accounting, each of the parts that constitute the general balance or balance sheet of a company is known as assets and liabilities. The assets would be what the company has and the liabilities what the company owes. The balance is the financial report in which, from the confrontation of the assets with the liabilities, the situation of the assets of a… Read More »

Meanings of Physical Activity

We call physical activity all those body movements that involve energy expenditure. We do physical activity in our daily life when we walk, dance, ride a bike, dance or do some sport in our leisure time. Physical activity, when practiced regularly and systematically, is beneficial to health and helps us improve or maintain our physical and mental… Read More »

Meanings of Attitude

Attitude is a procedure that leads to a particular behavior. It is the realization of an intention or purpose. According to psychology, attitude is the usual behavior that occurs in different circumstances. Attitudes determine the mood of each individual. Attitudes are patented by the repeated reactions of a person. This term has a particular application in the study of character, as an innate… Read More »