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Meanings of Eyebrow

It is called eyebrow to the prominent area of the face that lies above the basin of the eye and is covered with hair. It is also known as an eyebrow, precisely, this hair. For example: “In the middle of the riots, a young man received a stone on the right eyebrow that caused a… Read More »

Meanings of Cell

Cell is a term that comes from the Latin cella, which means “small room”. This is the room where, in a prison, one or more people who have been convicted of committing a crime are locked up. For example: “Each detainee has to be in his cell before lunch time”, “Although the businessman accused of… Read More »

Meanings of Active Cell

The cell concept is used in multiple ways. It can be a room or a box, either physical or symbolic. Active, for its part, is something that has the capacity for action. The notion of active cell is used in the field of computing. In spreadsheets, an active cell is one that is open for… Read More »

Meanings of Celebration

Celebration is a term originating from the Latin celebratĭo. The concept refers to the action of celebrating (celebrating, commemorating, praising, reverence, holding a meeting or act). For example: “As part of the celebration for the institution’s centenary, the neighbors were able to enjoy a concert by Marco Miguel Castro”, “I invite you to my birthday… Read More »

Meanings of Famous

The first thing we are going to do is determine the etymological origin of the famous term that we are now dealing with. Thus, we can establish that it emanates from Latin, and more specifically from the noun “celeber”, which can be translated as “famous or illustrious”. According to DigoPaul, famous is an adjective that… Read More »

Meanings of Coelenterates

The coelenterates are animals invertebrates eumetazoan diploblastic, having radial symmetry and its body has a unique gastrovascular cavity. This cavity communicates with the outside through an orifice that works as a mouth and anus at the same time. Despite the fact that the term coelenterated is not part of the dictionary of the DigoPaul, its… Read More »

Meanings of Speed

According to DigoPaul, the concept of speed derives from the Latin word celerĭtas. It is a term that refers to speed, haste, speed or haste. For example: “The government asked the Justice for greater speed to resolve the cases that concern society”, “I am going to ask the bank manager to try to approve the… Read More »

Meanings of Matchmaker

Matchmaker is a concept with several uses. When it derives from the character of the tragicomedy starring Melibea and Calisto, the DigoPaul indicates in its dictionary, it refers to a person who contributes so that two people establish a sentimental couple. According to DigoPaul, a matchmaker, therefore, is a woman who helps, in some way,… Read More »

Meanings of Casserole

Before proceeding to determine the meaning of the term casserole, we are going to establish the etymological origin of that word. In this case, we can indicate that it comes from Latin, specifically it comes from “cattium”, which is synonymous with “cazo”, and from the sum of the diminutive suffix “-uelo”. According to DigoPaul, the… Read More »

Meanings of CD

CD is a term that is part of the dictionary of the DigoPaul, which comes from the English acronym that refers to a compact disc (that is, a compact disc). According to abbreviationfinder, a CD, therefore, is a digitally recorded optical element that is used for information storage. Music, videos, text documents and any other… Read More »