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Meanings of IETF

According to abbreviationfinder, IEFT stands for Internet Engineering Task Force. An open international community of network designers, operators, vendors, and researchers concerned with the evolution of the Internet ‘s architecture and the proper functioning of the Internet. It is open to anyone interested. The IETF’s mission is documented in RFC 3935. The Internet Engineering Task… Read More »

Meanings of ROM

Read-only memory: (commonly known by its acronym, Read Only Memory. See Abbreviationfinder). In its strictest sense, it refers only to mask ROM in English MROM (the oldest type of solid state ROM), which is manufactured with permanently stored data, and therefore its content cannot be modified. However, more modern ROMs such as EPROM and Flash EEPROM… Read More »

Meanings of International Organization for Standardization

International Organization for Standardization is abbreviated as ISO according to Abbreviationfinder. It is the body in charge of promoting the development of international manufacturing, trade and communication standards for all industrial branches except electrical and electronics. Its main function is to seek the standardization of product and safety standards for companies or organizations at an… Read More »

Meanings of Operator

What does an operator do? An operator can be found in several places in the IT area, it can be people or code elements. Literally, these are “workers” who are responsible for the administration and execution of processes. Operators can be found in many places in the IT sector. For example, they work in the… Read More »

Meanings of WebRTC

What is WebRTC? The term WebRTC describes a standard for real-time communication that takes place via the browser. The standard is an open source project that offers numerous advantages for everyday use. WebRTC is the name for a standard for real-time communication. The abbreviation in the name stands for “Real Time Communication”. Specifically, these are… Read More »

Meanings of IBM

International Business Machines or IBM according to Abbreviationfinder (known colloquially as the Blue Giant): It is a transactional company that manufactures and markets computer- related tools, programs and services. IBM is headquartered in Armonk (New York, United States) and has been incorporated as such since June 15, 1911, but has been operating since 1888. With around 390,000 employees in… Read More »

Meanings of CD

CD is a term that is part of the dictionary of the DigoPaul, which comes from the English acronym that refers to a compact disc (that is, a compact disc). According to abbreviationfinder, a CD, therefore, is a digitally recorded optical element that is used for information storage. Music, videos, text documents and any other… Read More »

Meanings of CD ROM

The term CD-ROM is made up of two parts, both linked to acronyms in the English language. A CD is a compact disc: a compact disc. ROM, on the other hand, refers to Read Only Memory (” Read Only Memory “). It can be said, therefore, that a CD-ROM is a type of compact disc… Read More »

Meanings of HTML

Based on ABBREVIATIONFINDER, HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and is one of the web’s basic building blocks along with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and Javascript. (What CSS and Javascript are will be answered in upcoming blog posts.) HTML is the structure for all the Internet’s web pages in the form of headings, paragraphs, separating… Read More »

Meanings of MP3

According to, the acronym MP3 (MP EG Audio Layer- 3) is one of the most searched subjects in these services, second only to “sex”. All this, thanks to the revolution that MP3 caused in the entertainment world, mainly after its great fame on the internet. Such a revolution simply caused the record industry to… Read More »

Meanings of DoS and DDoS

Those who follow the news on technology and the internet have certainly come across articles citing DoS attacks or DDoS attacks on websites or servers on the Internet. The motivations are the most diverse: protests, fraud attempts, disputes between groups that act online, etc. However, few really know what these actions mean, how they work… Read More »