Changing The Sidelights Of The Trailer

Has nearly twenty years and already tired of shooting .. … It could be the lyrics of a song and the message would be clear. We must keep our caravan with small young arrangements. The last weekend chose to change lights front position of the caravan and a side that had damaged. Also called outline marker lamps. So it was like I did.

The person who sold me the caravan life is not complicated. He used duct tape for everything. A pilot is released as tape .. American. You have to change the water pump, then seal the joint with more duct tape. Nothing to use chips.That’s for electricians. The result was that the caravan was crying that will change the lights.



This was the appearance of the front position once I removed the black tape.


And this is the aspect that had the sidelight. As the front had broken all the previous owner  could not use black tape he loved and used duct tape.

Was necessary and change I approached shop carvanas I found in Altafulla (Tarragona) and buy three drivers.
The front cost me about 7 euros (you can find something  cheaper online) and about 14 euros the lateral ( here if I got ripped off a little because usually worth half ).

Also buy some bulbs respuesto. It notes that do not carry the same type of bulb.

The side carry the typical bulb 12 V from a single base.


Replace the pilots it was extremandamente simple. They are bolted to the chassis by two screws.

A transparent plastic removed we see a front 12-volt bulb and two basescomo the leading cars in the passenger compartment.


After removing the bulb and remove the two screws are the two wires into the air.


When attempting to take off the plastic practically disintegrated and left the two hanging cables.

To mount the light we follow the reverse process first pass the plastic of the new light, put the terminals of the cables in place, place the bulb and screwed.


The two front position lamps and changed in operation. Former pilots were doing much less light.


For sidelight


This is the aspect once removed the old pilot.
The gum is not to get water. I took it .


the procedure is repeated. The base is inserted, the light bulb, the terminals are connected, is covered with the transparent part and screwed.

And so is the new operation.


Time to change each pilot about fifteen minutes.

More models  of sidelights for caravans.

Why the difference?