Cicloviagem on the Trail of the “Canal du Midi”, in France

We all know that France is a country that has vast infrastructure when it comes to tourism, are many options especially for lovers of outdoor activities.

The “Canal du Midi” is an artificial channel with more than 300 years that cuts off part of France, responsible for connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic, your original function was to facilitate the transit of commercial vessels, but nowadays has become more a destination printed in booklets of tourism waiting for people willing to venture into its calm waters , or on the trail that goes to your side, which is my case.

When it comes to cycling I’m a first-timer, and I confess that the “Midi” emerged as an opportunity to debut this kind of adventure in my life.

My total path was about 120 km, starting from the city of Agde which stay on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and with final destination in Carcassonne.

Without bike Pro, actually picked up a borrowed from a friend who was dusty and with flat tire in the darkness of a garage behind an 80 l backpack with camping stuff, tennis track beaten and “voila, EC from” I started my journey.

(I don’t want to encourage anyone to do the same, or at least in the same way as I did, because professional materials for cicloviagem are very important for your safety).

The first five kilometres were a marvel, via paved and when dirt road in good conditions, birds singing on a sunny day of European summer, old nice double bikes waved bonjour, bonjour.

For a second I thought that traveling by bike was a breeze, and I wondered why I had taken so long to do this?!


But as I left the urban area, I began to notice the stream of people slowing down and what was once a dream cycling track turned into a trail of 20 cm, now covered by woods, now with craters so big they could easily take me to an involuntary dip in the channel, the trip had started and I was loving the challenges which gradually were revealing.


The landscape around the channel came accompanied by news, went through very small villages, those who give the feeling you are embalmed in time, sometimes appeared along the way a lot of big houses and isolated buildings in ruins.

When all were 4 days of travel, no interruptos, on the contrary, whenever a nice little town situated along the way I stopped for several hours to stroll through the narrow streets, something different, meet a stranger, hear and tell stories of other summers.


Finally after 3 days I came to Carcassonne and there began a new adventure by medieval castles, but that’s another story.

“And what I learned from that experience was that before I thought to do a bike trip, I need better bike, yes the best bike is better than the worst, but in the end the Yes also to do much with what we have, sometimes the difficulties become motivation to go further.”

Until next time, peace.


Cool things to do by way of the Canal Du Midi

Visit the restaurants, markets, bars and boatels, along the canal there are several projects that work in boats.

Positive points: The trail is flat from the beginning to the end, so if you’re lucky to get a wind on the back will be with the life my brother WINS.

Several great places to accompany and be an artificial canal has several dams of transposition and them work small utilities, have a phone to use in case, power and some sell water and food.

Negative points: Some parts of the trail require a lot of attention, being next to the channel there is possibility of falling in the water.

Best times of year to visit: summer and fall.