Coach Ericsson Vättern-Tips

Road: With a week to go until the start of Motala, gives this Bicyclings cycling coach tailored Fredrik Ericsson their best advice on how to put up diet and exercise before the mighty sports race.

Cycling coach tailored Fredrik Ericsson shares his best advice about how you like Vätterncyklist will put up your diet and exercise in the last week before the race. Take to you Frederick’s advice and you’ll have the best placed to take on the race. He also offers tips on what you should eat and how to exercise to recuperate in the days following the thirty-mile long cykelklassikern.

Frederick, let us assume that the reader has trained sufficiently and satisfactorily in the run-up towards Vätternrundan, what kind of workouts should you run the last week before the race?

– After a longer pass this past weekend, so you can feel free to take it easy for a couple days and then run a pretty tough workouts about 2-3 days before the race, that is, Tuesday or Wednesday.

How and what should you eat and drink before and during the race?

– Before the race is mainly about eating more carbohydrates. Many make the mistake of eating more of all kinds of food, which only leads to unnecessarily measured and get more energy than you do of. Pasta, rice and bread, of course, is good, but you can also eat extra of stuff that basically just carbohydrates and nothing else, as juice, lemonade, sweet confectionery, popsicles, jams.

“During the race, it is a matter of eating and drinking on a regular basis. The body needs is mostly fluid, carbohydrates and salt, but in such a long race, it is important that you feel good so go for that sort of thing you think about.

You should experiment with their sitting position so close to the race? Or change the cycling pants, shoes or saddle for example?

“It is always difficult to advise on this. The reason why you want to experiment is usually because you think something is not good or fear that it may lead to problems. If you have equipment that is admitted bad so is usually the risk to something that is accepted good would be worse, of course, small.

— For example, if you do not run with bicycle pants before so it might be an idea to buy new so this close race. A good rule is “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”. So is it just small adjustments by non-problem that occurs most for justerandets sake, perhaps because of nervousness, so one should avoid it.

When we hopefully have completed the round, how to recover?

“When it comes to food, it’s really the same principle as before. Liquid, kolhydratrer and salt, but with the addition of protein can speed up recovery. The most important thing is to eat good first few hours after the race.

– Fitness wise, so I would recommend the vast majority to rest completely for at least a day, preferably at least two and avoid anything too strenuous exercise the first five days after the race. A good idea the first calm passes to drive is to do nothing more than to ride a bike, for example, swim, walk or cross trainer.