Earthing ESC YShield Sleeping Bag Reviews


The sleeping bag of Earthing ESC YShield allows you to sleep protected from electric fields at low frequencies linked to the electrical installation, while giving your body all the benefits of Earthing (connection of the body to the ground, as when one Walking barefoot in the grass).

As a type of Ultralight sleeping bags defined on Newvilleoutdoor, this sleeping bag is made from low anti-waves fabric frequencies Silver-Grid YShield, an extremely efficient conductive fabric, which, compared to competing products, has a closer silver mesh with less resistance, so that Earthing is more efficient. It consists of 95% ecru cotton and 5% silver thread.

Light (monolayer), equipped with a side zip, it has been stitched to very comfortable dimensions: the sleeping area is 90 x 200 cm; The top of the bag, of a dimension of 40 x 90 cm, can be placed on or under a pillow.
The Silver-Grid fabric must be connected to earth. Two velcros are sewn into the bottom and top of the sleeping bag to facilitate earthing with the GV plate.

For Earthing to be effective, it is essential to test the quality of your earthing, either with a suitable device or with a professional equipped with the appropriate equipment. Indeed, if the electrical installations are too old or incorrectly installed, the earth connection may be insufficient or non-existent.

If you have good grounding, you can use the following grounding accessories:

Grounding plate GV (to be fixed on the velcro strip at the end of the sheet) + Ground cable GC of the desired length (1 m, 2 m, 5 m) + one Ground GX.

If your ground is insufficient and that you live in the house or apartment on the ground floor: Grounding plate GV + (you electroplate on the velcro strap present at the end of the sheet) + Cable Grounding GC of the desired length (5 m, 10 m) + grounding rod GR-40 that you will plant in the ground outside.

In other cases, it is advisable to have an electrician intervene in order to improve the quality of your earth connection.