Exercises with Bag Weight as Dead, a Revolution in Fitness!

Training routines alternatives that appear are increasingly, and many are the forms of training our muscles. A different way is which uses a SAC a dead weight for performing different exercises.

This technique is based on the physical work that Grooms of warehouse performed and many athletes already use it to increase volume and gain strength. Its execution may seem crude and basic, but the results offered are amazing, only have to get a bag full of sand from one 20 kg to start training.

Are the benefits of working with a sack as a dead weight which We have the load to lift in its entirety with our body. In this case we won’t be helped by a machine or anything like. This is the amount of weight we are going to raise is not excessive, but that we should gradually begin to adapt to the exercises.

Work with a sack as weight helps us do that the execution of the exercise is more comfortable, and it is that we can grab the bag in many ways and adapt it to our hand. In addition, load will be distributed increasingly in a way varying this way the development of exercise and this adaptation of the muscle that will be surprised whenever we trained with different executions.

The sacks of dead weight We can train almost all muscle groups. Some of the exercises highlight is the rising from the ground to our shoulder bag. With this exercise we will work from the legs, through the trunk to the shoulder. His execution is simple, that Yes, we must keep always straight column taking care not to force back too.

Other prominent exercise is that we are going to work the dorsal area using the paddle to the bag. To this end, we will adopt a supine posture and with bag seized by both sides row by concentrating all the intensity in the dorsal area. We will see that the execution of the exercise is more expensive than if we do it in the machine, and is that the instability of the sack is a good resistance.

A last exercise highlights are the squats with sack, running just like the normal squat all that in this case we portaremos a dead weight seized with both arms. It is a difficult exercise requiring much control of balance, because we don’t have your hands free to steady us and we have to do with our own bodies.

These exercises are recommended for people that it takes time, training and controls your body, because it is an exercise in which the load is unstable and we run a greater risk of injury. For this reason the weights we use should not be very large.