“Frog Kick”, an Exercise Full for Our Abdominal

As we have seen on previous occasions the abdominals is one of the parts of the body that more hard work. It is important to know the characteristics of this area and appropriate exercises to improve abdominal tone. An example of complete exercise for the abdominal muscles is “frog kick”.

The development of the frog kick is simple although it is an exercise in which the effort we do is high and the results you get will be good and also very visible. It is an exercise that requires a certain abdominal level, i.e., is not at all an exercise for beginners and the We will work around the rectus abdominis to the full, from the lower part of the abdomen until the upper abdominals.

To make this exercise it is important that we have an acceptable abdominal tone, already that his execution is performed only to support our body at a point which are our buttocks. The rest of the body should be supported by the abdominal muscles which according to pillar must endure all the thrust of the body. It is an exercise that requires not only strength, but concentration and skill, so it It is important to know to run it correctly.

To begin we stand sitting on a mat with your legs forward backward arms with palms of hands resting on the ground face down and your toes pointing forward. Arms should be positioned back slightly bent, so that our trunk forms an angle of 120º with our legs or what is the same thing with the soil.

In this position we raise legs slightly and slightly bend your knees. Once we are in this position We try to touch chest with your knees at the same time moving the entire trunk and legs until both are at the Center. Your hips should be a fixed axis does not have to move, and our arms a second point of support that will serve as a support. Once we are in the Center back to stretch the legs forward without touching the floor and your back backward to return to contract.

Due to the intensity of the workout is recommended start with few repetitions until we go familiar with the execution of the same. Once control it is advisable 4 sets of 20 reps each. The movement should be slow and gentle, enduring throughout the body with the abdominal thrust. It is important that never touch the ground while we carry out the exercise, since force undergoing the abdominal muscles will be lost, since it will rest on the floor.

The exercise can also be without resting your hands. This form is even more complicated because we must maintain the balance with high forward hands in the air. In any case we must focus our effort in the abdominal area, although it is easy for many times pulling of the lumbar as support. We must avoid this as far as possible to prevent damage to our back.