Funds of Chest Dumbbell, Higher Intensity and Better Results

Many of us feel stuck in our workout routine and see that not more progress. In the majority of cases this is because our muscles have grown accustomed to always perform the same exercises and we surprise you with new, different ones. An example is the dumbbell chest funds.

This exercise is a different from conventional chest funds category, since as we use two dumbbells. Its implementation is similar to the common funds, but their results will be more visible, then the intensity of the workout is greater. It is not in any case an exercise for beginners, but it is recommended for those traditional funds are that insufficient.

In this form of funds come into action the Cufflinks, and it is that they will be the most important part of the exercise and the shaft on which is going to turn the exercise. Cufflinks are that are going to make the difference, and it is that we allow the deeper funds getting a more muscular work. In addition, you will keep balance better and concentrate more on the worked area.

The implementation of these funds is similar to mutual funds. Place a dumbbell on each side at the height of the chest and mustn’t we with hands to each of the grips of the cufflinks. The arms must remain open and parallel to the chest. Our body must remain straight and we will only build with the tips of the feet. From now on we will raise and lower your body as much as possible with the help of the muscles of the upper train. In any case our bodies have to push.

Throughout the year we will develop with our hands stains on cufflinks, so We have to concentrate much in order not to unbalance us or drop us. For this reason the force exerted by the muscles of the upper train (chest, triceps, deltoid…) will be greater than which develops with regular funds.

The use of cufflinks as point of support rather than soil us adds a few centimetres more height, with what the travel the exercise is greater thus giving more depth to each movement. What we get with this is a greater recruitment of muscle fibers, so the efficiency of the exercise will be greater.

It is important for us to adapt to the execution of the exercise, so it is advisable to start slowly to get familiar with it. Once we know your mechanics and control the balance it is advisable 4 sets of 10-12 reps each. In every movement we will concentrate the most muscles that we are working and go down to the stop to magnify the effects of exercise.