General Tips for a Nice Camp-part I

» To leave your backpack water-resistant, buy in sports stores a special spray to waterproof these materials. For tents, use silicon paste only at the seams.

» Respect who gave him to get to camp. The path? Nature that is in it, and at the place of destination, whether in the field, Woods or beach. Nothing to get seedlings, flowers, coral, cut wood of trees, littering is there in that corner is, dirty streams, rivers, or the own track among others. If you do not respect this place, he probably will be gone from here some time!

» In Wild camping (in many places, already banned because of lack of respect for some users), never mount your tent next to the banks of a river. In the case of a hard rain, your safety and everything that led can fall down. The same goes if you’re on the beach: nothing to stay near the sea.

» In the case of Wild camping in Woods, always look for a clearing (where there is enough open space to set up camp). Mount the tent and the night light a fire; very careful not to burn down the forest and tent, leave a good distance from the fire, tent and kills her, remember the power of the wind! He may be blowing in the direction of both. Fire causes some unwanted pets do not approach.Then you say: But I like animals! Answer: We too, but always good to avoid a cascavelzinha, right?!

» To make this fire, no cutting trees! There are always sticks all over the floor, as well as fallen leaves from trees. Tip: take the leaves and put them under the sticks, light and with a little time, burn, giving you a good fire.

» Knife, lighter and/or phosphorus. Essential items for any camp. Let the matches get wet is lame!

» If camping on the beach, always cover the external corners of sand your tent. It’s a protection force of any wind “Northwest”.

» It is advisable to set up camp in the shadow of a tree. Night can cool a little bit, but you must have taken something to warm up. During the day, the heat can be unbearable and an umbrella always helps! But, if there is a threat of rain, you’d better stay away; There is the danger of lightning.

» In Wild camping or not, always have garbage bags, collect all used and take back or if you have someone responsible for garbage on the site, please contact him. Some places make selective collection, having own drums for plastics, organic waste, etc. It costs nothing to help you.

» Do not leave food around your tent. Rest of them, no way, they attract animals and you end up violating the previous Tip: trash is in the trash.

» If you are in a location that your tent can be “invaded” by ants, do a small grave around the tent and throw ashes (rest of fire) in it. This will help keep the ants and other insects.

» As a precaution, we advise that, upon leaving the tent, leave everything well locked. A mini padlock to the tent zipper can not guarantee the total security of the “goods” that there are, but have a “job” bigger to intruders.

» It’s always good to bring an exercise mat, especially if you’re going camping for many days. There are several inflatable mattresses on the market, even for a couple. Blankets, sheets, blankets or sleeping bags are disposable, depends on you.

» Fold the clothes as a “Swiss roll”: it is more practical to find any parts and leaves more room for the old cargo mate carry other things, as a personal hygiene kit (that is if you forget!).

» Another annoying thing to forget is the repellent. If you have this bad luck, mash cloves with alcohol in a container, leaving to soak for 2 hours. Pass on the body, but be careful with fire, wait for the alcohol to evaporate.

» Anything to keep disposable gas or propane tanks inside the tent. They may leak and cause an explosion. Already we see tent catches fire because of it. Watch out!