Green Pond Trail in Subaúma – BAHIA

One of the most beautiful attractions inSubaúma, in Bahia, is the Green lagoon. Surrounded by coconut palms and restinga, has its transparent waters with a slight bluish tinge because of solar reflection and underwater vegetation forming part of a set of ponds formed between the dunes cord. Is an invitation to the bath washing the body and soul!

Leaving from Savior to Subaúma spent approximately 2 and a half hours covering 132 km up the northern coast of Bahia. Arriving at the destination we’re looking for the location to which fixes-ships (the river which bisects the municipality) which is close to the last beach bar on the left.

We found a small difficulty was crossing the River to the starting point of the trail. It is possible to cross it with water in the chest, but luckily we found a fisherman with a small boat and helped us across to the other side of the River, which on average 150 m wide. It cost 15 real crossing.

Passing the River, about 300 meters to the left begins the trail, quiet and quite hit where we found several cashew trees and mangabeiras loaded! One of the main points of the interpretative trail with local fauna and flora, some of the ingredients of this adventure.

I had no tracking Guide, was with a friend who had visited the site months ago, we had no problem with the way that the track is pretty hit and had footprints indicating the best place. We passed a few streams and beautiful landscapes.

After approximately 2 hours of fun with beautiful landscapes rather arrived at the paradise, the Green lagoonin Subaúma.

As we already knew that there would be no infrastructure for camping, we decided to improvise our camping with what nature offers and resources that we found on the way. For example, as the weather was unpredictable and could rain, we made a fire shelter with Palm green straw. As the site is completely sandy, would be essential to make a coffee table so we don’t have problems at mealtime, we use strings that are thrown from ships at sea and are brought to the coast by the tide and sticks, the grille was made with sticks and wire.

We take all the food from home, but to complement the food we decided to explore a bit the site. We walk through the dunes and found John and some coconut trees, mandacaru (the coconut water was essential to hydration in this area of restinga). We also use hook and line fishing. After all organized we only did enjoy this paradise in Bahia.

TIP -for those who want to sleep over there, there are options of hotels and hostels in Subaúma plus other offers of holiday houses in the region.