Jávea at Easter: Camping El Naranjal

Taking advantage of the good weather of Easter and a couple of days holiday, we decided to make an exit north of the province of Alicante, one of the sites best beaches on the Costa Blanca: Javea / Xàbia. This time lacked foresight and camping we did not like.

For a few years, during the winter, we usually do camping in bungalows. The enemy at this time is cold. And the bungalows have a beautiful heating and a cozy dining room where you spend the day , which contrasts with our cold little caravan.

This winter we made a pair of outputs of which I speak soon, but since we really wanted to put our caravan to face the summer season. You had to suck it, clean it and check the food, much of it expired.

Therefore, and although we had hardly free from Thursday to Saturday for work, we decided to make a trip to a close but yet unknown location: Jávea or Xabia as they say in Valencia. Specifically the Camping El Naranjal.

We called the first campsite called the Orangery and were told there was plenty of room and admitted no reservations (!!).
Then we understood why.

So we made a quick purchase, grabbed suitcases and bikes girls and we went to pick up our old comfortable caravan, which was covered with dust but in the same place of parking that we had left a few months.

The trip lasted longer than expected. I made ​​the old mistake of directly addressing the destination city (Javea) on the motorway and there mark the direction of camping in the GPS. Had to have planned from the start, as campsites normally they are in the suburbs and this was no exception.

After manually correct the path of the GPS (as I wanted to take Offroad) and cast doubt on the driveway (it was not well signposted) we arrived at the campsite.

Upon arrival, I discovered that there was no place to leave the car as we walked to reception to check in . An employee told me to come inside the camping and I did. I tried to leave the set in a place where not bother, but it was impossible so leave it in the middle of the road but a few meters inside the campsite, blocking the passage of the vehicles . I could have a difficult angle but I did not want my trailer hit against a tree because someone had not provided a place to park at the entrance.

With the caravan still blocking the way, returning to reception I had the second problem: I had not been the identity card or driving license. my day better.

After morally lecture me ( “Imagine that you come with the police and your undocumented”), the employee checked the identity card and my wife gave me the card-key to open and close the door. Still tired from the trip and embarrassed for not wearing or ID card or driver’s license, I quickly chose one of the next to the entrance to the camping plots . It was large, had no neighbors around and place the caravan was very easy. Another error.

Error because being near the plot of the entrance, the flow of cars was endless and it forced me to be aware of girls every time an engine was heard. Since you spent the time walking happily with his bike from one place to another.

Well, I thought. Let’s relax. We are on a camping holiday. So after turning on the light, lower legs and remove the floor and tables, I went to the toilets. With so much nerve I had taken a grip.

Depues walk more than desired to reach the toilets, I noticed another detail: There was no paper in the toilet.


Not that is not left, but the toilets had no paper holder . With a monumental tantrum and tightening the buttocks, turned strolling the caravan. This was definitely not my day.

As he walked back to the toilet this time with a roll in hand, he remembered the camping of my youth, when we played shit in the middle of the mountain with the only company in the wind and a roll of pink toilet paper.

We need to be miserable to charge 45 euros per night for a campsite without water in the plot, no spa, no gym or kids’ club and not include toilet paper or soap in the bathroom.

As you see I liked camping. And last but not least asked them the key to access and was told that it was three euros per day.

Could things get worse? Yes, friends . Murphy’s Law always true. 

– The staff was unfriendly.
– The dumpsters were to hell.
– Some genius put emptying Chemical WC on the road, right next to the sinks.

– We got long to ask out a little later than the 12 the last day (with half empty camping).
– The Internet room had no Internet.
– There was a just stuck to camping with party and ruckus night bar.
– He had to take the car to go to the beach (or walk 800 meters with the gear)

Let .. that even if it were the last campsite on earth would never return.

But the trip, however brief. also he had good things.

On the one hand we met a Swedish couple and their son Andreu (from here I send a greeting), who made friends with our small and time with the bike from one side of the street to the other passed.

And on the other beaches and coves in the area they are stunning.