Kessiakoff: It’s a Long Way to Madrid

Road: Fredrik Kessiakoff possesses right now a very nice shape and he’s got this far into the Vueltan run each stage with wisdom. He is right, act right and try to save as much energy as possible for subsequent battles to come.

He is sixth in the abstract and has a take over the role of leader in the Pro Team Astana, but it is with cautious optimism he looks ahead.

“I’m very happy to be where I am in the abstract. But it’s a long way to Madrid. I do not want to be top-5 after two weeks and nowhere in the end. I prefer to aim for the top-15 in the abstract. Yesterday, I lost a few seconds but it’s not a problem. I prefer to avoid stress and futile exhaustion. I still need to grow into the role of a skater for the abstract. I did not come here as the team’s leader so I don’t want to put pressure on myself, “says Fredrik Kessiakoff.

Fredrik Carl Wilhelm Kessiakoff became the 16th man on Friday’s stage to Talavera de la Reina and it impresses on Andrei Kashechkin who after explained that he now is prepared to work for the Swede.

“I am ready to work for Frederick. I have had bad luck in the beginning of the contest and I have already lost some time in the abstract so I’ll indulge myself to Frederick is best positioned for the overall competition. For my part, I will focus on, and give everything to take a stage victory, “said Andrei Kashechkin.