Learn Klungans Sign Language

By road: the face of Vätternrundan is it a good idea to refresh your memory on how to cycle in a cluster. To travel around other cyclists is effective, but requires some skills to be carried out safely.

Faced with the threat of bike race, it might be a good idea to brush up on their knowledge about cycling in a cluster. Be focused lying close to its medcyklister and from the attic down kilometre after kilometre.

You will end up in a Scrum over the course is inevitable. Cycling tight and close to each other at high speed may seem a bit dangerous, but follow this advice you will be traveling both smoothly and quickly. And above all, safe.

One can not learn klungkörning in theory only, as our most important tips is to exercise in the group. To ride fast in the group is great, but also has its risks. Bushy movements or sudden movements sideways can have dire consequences when it only separates centimetres between your rear wheel and your friend’s front wheel and it is shoulder to shoulder.

Therefore, try to be calm and predictable in your movements. When you are behind another cyclist, you will not see further than his rear wheel. This means that the hole in the road, parked cars or stray dogs become deadly obstacles. First we must therefore act the entire group’s eyes and as soon as an obstacle is detected the signal with the help of sign language, the danger to the underlying cyclists.

This signal is then forwarded down the group all the way to the last man. Without exception! Luckily, the characters are not particularly numerous or difficult to learn … you see them here.

Do’s and Don’ts

Safety is important, but it will help you not quite all the way. There are a few rules of etiquette that are good to know before you give out around the Lake in search of groups to follow.

For example, was responsive and the feel for how the group works. If you go on one or two stages? When you been up and drawn, turn it to the right or left? Helps all to and draw or is it okay to just lie on a roll?

Do you happen to be among the strongest in the group, so do not pull harder than everyone else just because it makes it to the other and create confusion in the group. But take longer periods of time. Are you among the weakest in a group do not pull slower but in shorter periods.

Or not at all. If you become ikappåkt by a faster group please ask someone if it’s okay if you go into the group before you do it And if you do not want to drag, you then add the further back in the group so you do not disrupt the rhythm of them that helps with cruise control.

  1. stop – uppåtsträckt bakåtsträckt a hand or a hand with the Palm of your hand back toward the next cyclist.
  2. Slow down-pump operating with one hand, Palm down the road.
  3. Obstacles left-motion with your left hand behind your back “to the right”.
    Obstacles right side – waving with his right hand behind his back “to the left”.
  4. Obstacles on the roadway-type hole, vägbrunn, glass, gravel-pointing down towards the road surface with the hand that is on the same page as the obstacle.
  5. Turn left or right – classic swing sign, out with his arm in the direction to turn.