Madelene Olsson: Blue-and-Yellow Victory and Crazy Belgians

Road: Victory of the national team by Emma Johansson, good places for Cramo Go: Green in Gent-Wevelgem and a crash in the tour of Flanders. Madelene Olsson tells us about a cool racing our with warming crowd.

This cold spring rolls on, never have I been competing so many race in leg warmers. I hardly think that I even done it before.

I started the second block of spring season down in France together with the national team and slightly better weather conditions. It was a slightly different assignments, partly because Emma Johansson was part of the team which she usually just have the opportunity to be at the Championship, and then there was the last time we had Madeleine Lindberg Wall as our head coach. Sad but true.
We went out with high goals, warred and was aggressive and had a lot of fun during the competition. And it went really well. At the end a girl walked away, Emma countered, catch up and was then able to win the Sprint between these two. Glad to be able to stop with the flag in the top for “Cheryle L W” who has done so much good for us ladies in recent years.

Then went the journey back to Belgium and our teamhus outside Antwerp. This training has been mixed with a lot of competitions. The first week we ran a kermislopp which is a national Belgian contest. In such a race, competition vary as well as the hardness of course. This time it was race related to men’s vårklassiker: Dwars door Vlaanderen.
Team Argos-Shimano came with 8-9 girls to start which made the contest a little dull. Whatever that was-attacks and offshoots-were run by Argos for their sprinter would get a good arrangement. But we tried most of the entire team, but it nevertheless became a klungspurt at the end.

The next race was the Gent-Wevelgem. It was unclear whether the race would really be off because of weather. When we left our little village low snow on the Hill and the thermometer showed during the zero. But the closer the start we got, the less snow there was, and once it was completely snöfritt. Unfortunately, this is not a UCI-race, but still a national competition. But the competition was hard though. The icy weather and wind made it easier and also, I had the world’s worst leg. I tore like never before to just remain in the peloton. But I came back, fajt was hard on myself and tried to look ahead. After having been down in the caravan a turn, I came back to the peloton, which reconvened after an early breakaway. This just in time for the hilly sections of the track.
Bella in the team had a great day and was featured in all that went and also when it divided itself in other Hill and brought in förstagruppen.
Me and Martina came in a second group, where Rabobank worked hard to catch up with the Bellas together even though they had several own girls there in front. We joined the Bellas together with less than a Furlong and the attacks succeeded each other. I tried to listen out loud out the last of my dumb ben and join it.
Towards the end I came with in a small group that got a gap, and it kept a few kilometers. But with 2 km left we were ikappåkta and there was also my race over. I couldn’t even get in on the last wheel.
The other two Cramotjejerna ended up both in the top ten, and Martina ran onto fifth place which is the best result of the year so far.

The week after that we loaded up for Ronde van Vlaandren – the team’s first race in the World Cup this year, Belgium’s biggest event and a real Festival. We tested the track on Wednesday and already was work underway with various öltälts builds and kravallstängsel.
Ronde van Vlaandren like Ghent-Wevelgem and some other vårklassiker running adjacent to the men’s Pro race which means that we get the large audience which is really fun. The atmosphere is perfect and the Belgians are slightly crazy. Our start-and målstad Oudenaarde adorned with various banners, and cafes and shops are decorated for this year’s peak.
The contest, however, was not so long for my part. It became a rather worried and stressed out cluster from the start where the fight for good placings before the slopes resulted in the crash on a broad and weak downhill slope just before the first Hill. I was thinking that I should clear it up, but no – pang and where I lay. When I looked up I saw the peloton vanish away. After replacing the front wheel, I tried a little bruised Chase back, but it was only to find that the day was over way too soon.

The day after was the new race – GP Dottignes. I was hungry for revenge from the day before and charged to finally get to a good race. Despite the fact that I got the correct early to start the fold I ended up right at the back, but it tends not to be any major problems to rapidly advance. But the team had chosen a little unexpected tactics and stood in front of the whole team, and then the gas in full from the start. Then it was not so simple.
In a few minutes, a group of 13 people loose on the open and windy course. It was to try to put together a collaboration between teams that didn’t get with someone in front but it went like that. We were close on the last lap and we caught a few as released from the group, but unfortunately kept tight group all the way home. Hard but true, but one lesson richer came out of that day.

Now I have a week free from competitions. I’m back in the Crowd for a few days, and maybe it will be any Swedish contest before it wears off towards more international race.