Madelene Olsson: Contrasts

Road: training camp in both snow and heat, a first team meeting with Cramo Go: green and an extra job as a postman. Madelene Olsson talks about how she recharges during the Swedish winter.

It is already well into January and the season start creeps ever closer. It’s not so much this time of year in addition to a lot of training and preparation for what is to come. However, there is little to share.

We had the first team hit with Cramo Go green a weekend just before Christmas. Almost the whole gang was there and we got to meet prospective sponsors and partners, to plan the season and train together. Winter in the North always does exercise a bit more complicated but there is not much that stops us cyclists to get minutes on the bike, despite the cold and snow. The first morning we woke up to the persistent snowfall and a lot had already settled on the Hill. Clothes on and up on the bikes, and an attempt to defy the weather gods got it anyway. An hour and a half later, we were back in Whitstable, partly charged, stroller and småvurpande, we gave up. It was a bit too much snow to get up hours out there. The beauty was that everyone was very positive despite the intermittent nature adversity, which bodes well for the season. The rest of the session was carried out indoors, in the spinning premises and at the gym. It’s good to have a 6th grader as the owner of the team. The day after the roads were cleared so then could a regular exercise be carried out which also felt nice.

Christmas and new year flew off for my part — training mixed with a lot of work. Working as a postman at Christmas makes a never idle. The first weekend in January, now I sat on the plane to Gran Canaria for the two-week camp on a little warmer latitudes. The camp was on its own account with the partner and any other cyclists. Micheal O. Unaas from cycling Team lived and trained together with us the first week and the second week we met up with Jessica and Johanna from Cramo Go: green. Where the sun warmed and the exercise could be conducted in a lot fewer layers of clothes than back home in Sweden.Training account is now loaded with hours and energy before a last month at home in cold Sweden before it wears off to Belgium and competition premiere in Omloop Het Nieuwsblad.