Madelene Olsson: Ready for Comeback

Road: behind, she has sixteen years as a cyclist, three years as a Pro, and a season that was destroyed by a blood clot. Madelene Olsson is one of Sweden’s most seasoned cyclists. In 2013, we will have to follow her here on our site.

My name is Madelene Olsson, is 30 years old and has competed in cycle since 1996.
For 2012, I wrote a contract with Dutch The season started, and I got on well with my new role as a domestique for several talented world racers. But in may took the opposite end. In the evening after the World Cup in China, I had severe pain in his back, which later after turned out to be a blood clot in the right lung.

Reading became the medication with blood thinner for six months and this means that the blood will need longer to coagulate. This means that it is dangerous with heavy blows to the abdomen and head, and because there is a risk that the crash in the cycling, I was advised not to expose me for this risk as long as the medication was going on. It didn’t turn out quite as I hoped but health was more important than getting the race right then.

But now I am free from drugs and are betting on a comeback until 2013 and I are back in the job a team again (AA Drink team put their bet).

My first tävlingsår was too Svanesunds Gif from Orust, which is also where I am from. Now I live in Skara. When I started the race, it was mainly that I was good at, and I include SM-medals in youth classes from it.

In recent years I have become more of a allroundåkare. I prefer both stage races and hilly race more than flat one-day race. I have run some national team around Europe, and three years ago I started running as a professional. The first two years I drove in Swedish UCI team, Alriksson gogreen, and developed there as a cyclist. I ran good on some category 2-etapplopp, and I also ran to me a place of WORLD CUP-team 2011 in Copenhagen.

I look forward to a new race season 2013 and I will return in the future with more about and from my investment in the future.