Madelene Olsson: Season Premiere in Belgium

Road: freezing temperatures, broken rear brake and Belgian asphalt.Madelene Olsson talks about the first three races with Cramo Go: Green.

Sitting on the train on the way home from the first round of the race in Belgium. I don’t tyckery it’s been a long time since we went but we have already had three different competitions in two weeks and the first block is completed.
We drove down with the team the weekend before the first race. The team rents a house in the spring in the Belgian Voreslaar, a small village not far from Antwerp. Where are we going to stay in the periods it is tight with competitions with a structure of approximately two-three weeks in Belgium and two-three weeks in Sweden. 
It feels good to have a fixed point to come back to. The first week we had time to test drive the track before the first race which gave us a hint of what might happen and where it came to be well positioned. First race we ran was the Omloop Het Niewsblaad.
It always feels a bit special to run the first race, we don’t really know where to stand. I think I’ve had a good workout this winter but it felt a little strange to compete again this time, it was, after all, in May I last stood on the starting line and the absence of last year meant that I felt a little more uncertain than usual.

The race itself went for his part not so good purely in terms of earnings. I felt rusty, and did a lot of Miss during the race, which meant I ended up far down the field and ended up behind the falls and had to toil unnecessarily.
The cold did not make things better. We started with freezing temperatures and strong wind. It took a while before we got up the heat during the race. I ended up in tredjegrupp in case, dissatisfied with the arrangement but the feeling in the body was okay. The responded better than I thought and I remembered how much fun it is to race.

The week went cold, the snow came after the first race and the next race four days later – Le Samyn GP – in drizzle, and only one, plus grade. This day was the competition feeling better but my legs worse. I had a little better flow, but the cold was hard on me and just to switch were difficult to fingers was like ice cubes.
First we drove a long lap and then ended it with four laps on a smaller course. It was partly in the right good for small yards and on the next-to-last lap went off a group that then kept the home – a solo winner with four-five racers which hunts and then the peloton where I sat with. Unfortunately, we did not have with someone up ahead but we’re working hard for the team to run the US together and work as a team.

Then we ran the last race of this round – Omloop Van Het Hagerland. Finally a little warmer winds and flaccid freeze from the start. It became a right worried about competition. The roads were at times quite cash with a lot of holes and large gaps between the concrete blocks (Belgian asphalt). We had a goal to try to execute offensively in the team and we had some attacks and when it was running on the field.
I had a pretty good day, I found and could be good, but then on the penultimate lap of the five rounds crashed suddenly rear brake on my bike when I was where in front and run, and it occurs to a grinding halt. I tried the trick and get it to release but nothing happened so I was forced down to service the car to replace the bike. Unfortunately, this came at the worst time for exactly where it started to run correctly in the peloton and I never came back.
So I rolled the disappointed in goal in a second group. Fun was that we had three girls in the first group, and the krigades good for good investments but was not quite this time either. But it seemed like we took a step forward with the team which I can take with me from this day. Now it will be some time at home in Sweden with good training before the next racing block.