Madelene Olsson: Victory in Habo

Road: training with pace, more snow and a victory at Sweden’s premiere in Habo. Madelene Olsson talks about the last few weeks at home in Sweden, and takes new kit for this year’s first stage race Gracia Orlova.

I have been at home in Sweden a few weeks, but is now out on new adventures again.
The days at home is filled mostly by exercise, of course, but I’ve had time for little else. Fitness wise, I focused on getting the top spin and speed in the legs, because I think I don’t really got the bit in the spring.
Both intervals of högkadens and pace have been on schedule. I took the opportunity to go behind the car when I was home on Orust and greeted family and on there little newborn daughter as I had not had a chance to meet before.

When it comes to pace, my mom has for years been at the wheel when it has been time for extra speed training. But unfortunately, it is difficult to get to many such that when we live so far apart, so we will simply take the opportunity when we can.
In recent years, even my partner’s brother, Anders helped and pacat with his motorcycle, but he fall unhappy and broke the ankle in early spring, and unfortunately can not sit on mc: n at all for a while. So unfortunately, we can’t run together right now.
When I don’t get to so much pace training I try instead to find alternative intervals as get on the legs, and even use the Freeroll indoors to get up the frequency.

Second weekend in Sweden I took the opportunity to be part of Sweden the premiere on the highway in Habo, a competition arranged by Jönköping CK.
Unfortunately the weather was not really with us. It was raining when we went home and we were greeted by snow on the journey there. During the race, it rained only from and to, but you are right the van in bad weather after this spring so it is just to do the best for the conditions.
What was sad was that there were so few participants on the contest. The course was really fun, slightly hilly and busy, so I hope the organizers is hampered by the weak participation, without venturing further next year. We need more competitions in Sweden, and this was certainly something to build on.
We started together with Mr junior and senior class which is fun because it gets good driving. I didn’t have the legs I hoped for, was a late starter and soon ended up in a small group with a few girls and mostly seniors.
We got together right okay driving anyway, and just before it was time to go in case I started to feel that I got started properly. I took home the victory on this day and celebrated the win to continue a few hours on the bike home Crowd.

The week after that it was again time to pack your bags for new competitions. The first stop was Orust where the idea was to pick up my new pace bicycle, but shipping company was not what was promised, and the bike got stuck on the road. So it had to be a temporary loaner bike instead.
Since the continuing journey down to Belgium in the team’s new minivan for a endagsrace, and then we gathered together the US for onward travel to the Czech Republic and the first stage race Gracia Orlova. It’ll be fun to see what we in Cramo Go green can do this.

The contest started yesterday (Wednesday) with a brief prologue.