Meanings of ACH

By | March 19, 2023

According to abbreviationfinder, American College of Heraldry is commonly known as ACH. The American College of Heraldry was founded in the early 1970s by Dr. Eugene Zieber, a heraldic artist and researcher. Its mission was to promote the study of armorial bearings and their use in the United States. It was the first organization to offer heraldic services in America, and it provided educational materials and research resources to those interested in heraldry. The College also offered an accredited course in Heraldry, which allowed students to become certified as a “Heraldic Artist” or “Heraldist” upon successful completion. The College also organized conferences and workshops on heraldry-related topics, as well as conducting seminars on genealogy, blazoning of arms, and other related topics. In addition to its educational efforts, the College also published its own journal, The Heraldic Register of America, which contained articles on many aspects of American heraldry. It also served as a forum for members to discuss their research findings with each other.

The American College of Heraldry maintained close ties with both professional and amateur organizations such as the International Association of Amateur Heralds (IAAH), the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), and various state historical societies. In addition to providing educational resources for these groups, the College also offered assistance in researching armorial bearings for members’ use within their respective organizations. Through this outreach program, members were able to obtain information regarding proper blazoning techniques and design elements used in creating coats-of-arms that were both historically accurate and aesthetically pleasing. The American College of Heraldry was instrumental in introducing many individuals to the field of heraldry by providing instruction on various topics related to it including genealogy research methods and techniques used when creating coats-of-arms that are both historically accurate and aesthetically pleasing.

Degrees and Programs

American College of Heraldry offers two degree programs: a Bachelor of Arts in Heraldry and an Associate of Arts in Heraldry. The Bachelor of Arts program is designed to provide a comprehensive education in the history, theory, and practice of heraldic art. It includes courses on the history, symbolism, and design of coats-of-arms, flags, seals, and other forms of heraldic art. Students learn about the evolution of heraldry from its medieval origins to its modern applications. They also develop skills in creating their own heraldic designs. The Associate Degree program is designed for students who are interested in learning about the basics of heraldry but don’t wish to pursue a full degree program. It focuses on developing an understanding of the principles behind designing effective coats-of-arms and other symbols used in heraldry. Courses include topics such as color theory, symbolism, drawing techniques, and basic design principles. Additionally, students gain valuable hands-on experience by creating their own original designs using specialized software programs such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.


The American College of Heraldry (ACH) is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to the study and promotion of heraldry. It was founded in 1977 and is recognized by both the International Association of Amateur Heralds (IAAH) and the International Heraldic Association (IHA). The ACH is made up of a Board of Governors, Officers, and Directors who are responsible for overseeing its activities. Each member has an assigned rank within the organization that reflects their level of expertise in heraldry. The ranks are as follows: Knight Grand Cross, Knight Commander, Companion, Officer, Member, Fellow and Honorary Fellow.

Knight Grand Cross is the highest rank that can be achieved within the ACH and requires a minimum of 10 years’ experience in heraldic research or practice. Those holding this rank have demonstrated outstanding contributions to the field of heraldry. Knight Commanders must have at least five years’ experience in heraldic research or practice before being eligible for this rank. Companions must have at least three years’ experience in research or practice before being eligible for this rank. Officers must have at least two years’ experience in research or practice before being eligible for this rank while Members need only one year’s experience to be eligible for this rank. Fellows are senior members who have made significant contributions to ACH activities while Honorary Fellows are those who have been granted honorary membership due to their exceptional service to ACH or the field of heraldry more broadly.

Admissions Requirements

The American College of Heraldry is a professional organization devoted to the study and practice of heraldry. To become a member of the College, applicants must meet certain criteria. First, applicants must have an interest in heraldry and demonstrate knowledge of its history, principles, and practice. They should also be familiar with the various roles that heralds play in modern society. Additionally, applicants must have an understanding of the rules and regulations governing heraldic design and display. Furthermore, they must demonstrate proficiency in drawing or painting armorial designs using accepted heraldic techniques. Lastly, applicants must possess good communication skills as well as a commitment to upholding the traditions of heraldry.

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